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NCR CA18DET 510 build

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Picked up this 1971 510 2 door in august 09 for $1000. It ran and drove, i got about 130 miles out of the L20B until the piston rings blew. Here is how it looks so far.





Suspension: (will probably replacing all the suspension after motor install)

- Koni Springs? all around

- Koni Shocks



- Aero Race Wheels 30 Series 13x7 w/3" bs in front and 2" bs in the rear.

- Sumitomo HTR 200 - 215/50s


Here's what needs to be done: (not in order & not a complete list, im sure im leaving out a few things)

1. CA18DET -

2. Fuel Lines and Fittings - Summit -

3. Cross Member flip - Free

4. Control arms and bushings

5. Fuel Cell - Summit -

6. Fuel pump - Walbro 255 -

7. Fuel Filter - Russell -

8. Intercooler - Mishimoto -

9. Radiator & Hoses - AFCO -

10. Intercooler Piping & BOV - CX Racing -

11. All Wiring/relays/fuses -

12. Driveshaft Shortened and Balanced -

13. Seat Mounts - Custom

14. Hand Brake Conversion - DBK2720 - Center mount floor hand brake conversion suits all 510 - $89

15. LSD Differental

16. Roll Cage - either Autopower or Custom

17. Lined Floors -

18. Motor Mounts - free

19. Tranny Mount - free

20. Exhaust - 2.5" -

21. Throttle Cable and Pedal - from a 240sx w/KA -

22. Fuel Pressure Regulator - Aeromotive

23. Dash & Gauges & Switches

24. Maxima Rear Brakes

25. New Turbo

26. Heat Shield for master cylinder - Custom

27. Tranny hump Cover - Custom

28. Drop Resistor -

29. Innovative motorsports Wideband AFR


What it looked liked originally.



Some Body work.




8 weeks later.






best stance pic lol





Motor out.



Some of my other creations. cool.gif

toyota crawler


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Thanks everyone! the wheels are Aero Race Wheels (same as nascar wheels haha) and they are 13x7, with 2" backspacing in the rear and 3" up front, i like the look of a bigger lip in the rear :D


i added a couple more pics! i realized i didnt even put a pic of the rear end lol


Might give it a go on my spare 610 x member.


its actually pretty simple if you have some fabrication skills, it took me probably 30 min to build a brace, cut it, and reweld it.

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