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Well I have a large set of sockets and ratchets in a case but it'a a PITA to lug around or fit in the trunk. More often than not I only need one ratchet and 3-4 sockets so everything else just gets lugged around. Some wrecking yards are a good long walk to the back too.


I buy my tools from a local Canadian Tire store. One, they are guaranteed for life. I've taken the same ratchet back 6 times for braking it and they replace the mechanism. The last time they didn't have one so I got a complete new one!! Two, they are open on Sundays and most holidays if you do break one. So I watch the paper because every few months they go on sale. I found this smaller metric/SAE set for $15 CDN!!!! Hell the ratchet is normally $23 off the shelf..



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I grab the tools I need out of my tool box and throw them into a canvas tool bag when I go to the JY.


Best tool I've used at the yard to date is a battery power "sawsall". Now that will remove an exhaust pipe.

hell ya i dont even go without my sawsall

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for only 13$ with a life time guarantee is a sweet buy, how can you go wrong. instead of carring my tool in the carry case, I'm using a Bill Bass shaving bag with a zipper plus it has a small strap to hang on to while holding parts, only good quality stuff for my Datsun's plus when my pockets get to full I can dump small parts in the bag. ;)

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That's funny Mike. I have a MasterCraft socket set that I have had for about 20 years. I just broke my second ratchet and have since swapped it out for a stubby one that has 1/4" on one side and 3/8" on the other. That and I took an old Proto 3/8" ratchet and welded a piece of 3/4"ID pipe on the handle for a braker bar that fits into my WY bag.

Just swap the ratchet for a good one and get it over with. It is going to suck when your at the yard and really need to use your ratchet only to have it brake. That is the only thing I hate about cheap tools. Guaranteed or not.

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They aren't 'cheap' tools. They are 'inexpensive' if you watch for the sale. All the ones I've broken are well used and always when I have an 18" hunk of pipe over the handle and hit with my 4 pounder to break something loose. Have never broken one pulling on it. Just saying that this is the perfect size for carrying around. The ratchet is usually $23 new! I've broken a few sockets from abuse and they replace them no prob. Can Tire is pretty good about it.


And YES, there are cheap tools out there. I bought an $8 swivel head ratchet at a farmers market and the first time I used it the square part that fits into the socket twisted around 90 degrees. Never bought crap tools since.




Oh and very funny Brian.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

of course.

you need your canadian tire money to go to canadian tire and purchase.





Yeh its Canadas "other" currency :rofl:



The mastercraft maximum brand of hand tools are very good for the "money" :sneaky:

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Sears Craftsman has long been the US favorite for the same reason: lifetime guarantee, easy exchange.


Now they are pretty good quality, but fulltime mechanics need even better they cannot afford a tool breaking even if it will be replaced. So they are will to pay $200 for a ratchet from Snap-On or MAC tools. But a Craftsman has been my choice for 25 years.

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So if you break your Mac or Snap-on Sat. evening at 8:30 how do you replace it? For $200 I would have two spare $30 ones and replace them later. Have only heard good things about Craftsman tools. Mac and Snap-on are for snobs making the statement that 'I can afford them', like owning a Hummer. $16,000 for a tool box is ..... fucked.... this fucked

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I have used a lot of older Craftsman tools, and I have been happy with them. I also have a fair amount of Snap-on tools, most that were inherited from my father, who passed away in 2001. I also have bought a few Snap-on tools, mainly sockets.

I have heard that the new Craftsman tools are not as high of quality as the old stuff, that may be true, I do not have personal experience with them.

When I was young, I figured out that is is cheaper to pay two or three times the price for a good screwdriver, than it is to buy three cheap ones. There is a better chance the good screwdriver will remove the screw, without damaging or rounding off the edges, than a cheap one will.


I like Snap-on screwdrivers. Xcelite tools, are also good tools, they are more well known in the electronics industry.


Another tool line used in electronics, is Kline. ChannelLock is a good brand. Vise grip I understand used to be good, but are now made in China, and current tools do not have the same quality as domestic ones. Scrounge garage sales, for older Vice Grips.


I like the Snap-on sockets. They seem to fit a little better. I also have Craftsman, but the Snap-ons just feel better. With either brand, get six point sockets. They do not round off nuts near as much as 12 points do


Again, Snap-on and Craftsman. Both will work just fine. The Snap-ons just feel better.

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I have heard that the new Craftsman tools are not as high of quality as the old stuff
I been hearing that for more than 25 years...take it with a grain of salt.



Snap-on not only feels better, they are stronger (and so break less, on average) and work better. Thinner sockets fit more places. Thinner wrenches fit more places. My MAC ratchet wrench worked so much better. A lot better than craftsman but for me not a fulltime mechanic not worth the extra cost. Time is money for the professional. Not so for the Ratsun mechanic.

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i hear ya mike.. i love my little husky set.. perfect size for goin yarding! hell carlos can testify to this as i brought it w/ me when we swapped his auto tranny out for my old 4spd.. lol an we used it not to long ago when he came over an we tore an sr apart in my kitchen lol.. i use the lil husky set WAY more then my huge craftsmen 4 droor box lol

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old wooden ammo crate
Yes, a small metal ammo case is an excellent toolbox. Just like Mike, when I go to a wrecking yard, I don't want to carry non-needed weight. Plus they are cheap are swap meets.


Anybody found anything better than an ammo box? It's not very modern looking.

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in all fairness you kept that in the Z to.. but now your jus neglecting it.. poor Z lol jk.. hurry up an put that 440 wedge motor in there man..


lol It served me well in the Z, the wagon will be the future hauler for the Z, all my extra tools, parts, and race slicks :lol:



Yes, a small metal ammo case is an excellent toolbox. Just like Mike, when I go to a wrecking yard, I don't want to carry non-needed weight. Plus they are cheap are swap meets.


Anybody found anything better than an ammo box? It's not very modern looking.


I carry one of these not the metal ones.



it matches my car :D and it was free

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