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  1. I'm curious, how many splines do these have?
  2. I saw Paul brought back this post from the dead. @scooter Thanks for the positive feedback. I realized looking at the post, our LCA / TC Rods have gone thru some changes and we have more applications. FutoFab's current LCA and TC Rods fit the following models: 200SX (1977-1979) 240Z (1970-1973) 260Z (1974) 280Z (1975-1978) 510 (1968-1973)
  3. Carter, Glad you are OK. Any wreck you can walk away from is as good as it gets. I've had my share, barrel rolled 1.5 times landing in a brook. went off at a hill climb into a ledge outcropping taking out the right front, clipped the RR of an MGB when he came uptrack after a tank slapper, launching me into the air (yes it does get quiet when you are n the air), and a few more while road racing and hillclimbing. In the brook (yes this car continues to race).
  4. Your Mikunis from WCR are almost certainly rebuilds. The plastic 90 degree vents on the float bowl is a race modification Todd did on rebuilds to keep them from flooding out during hard cornering. If you look under the jet cover you will see the OE vent path epoxied shut and there should be a "seal" added to the underside of the jet cover. The manifold that came with the carbs is a Nissan Comp manifold. You will want to use it. The Mikuni manifold is too short to match the engine's power curve. The Mikuni Manifold was made short so the air cleaners would clear the brake master on a
  5. As an alternate brake set-up that will fit 13" wheels, you can use the 280ZX struts with the B210 hubs and 80-83 200SX solid rotors with 240Z calipers. This is a bolt together assembly. it gives you roughly the same disc diameter as the 280ZX with a dual piston caliper. Knowing how Nissan liked to use multiple parts over many applications, The spindle section of the strut may be the same for the B210, 280ZX, Maxima and 200SX during this period. The B210 hub interchanges with the Maxima and 200SX according to Hollander Parts Exchange. The 200SX rotor bolts to the B210 h
  6. All items are in stock unless noted as on backorder. IE 510 hoods are on B/O. as are the 510 Tail-light trim packages. Unfortunately, I have no control over the manufacturer's production schedule so PLEASE don't ask when items will become available. Typical of most Asian cultures, if the answer isn't a positive one, you won't get an answer at all. That said I don't get answers when I ask about availability.
  7. FutoFab's Black Friday Sale is Back! We skipped our annual Black Friday Sale last year to celebrate our 10th Anniversary in January. FutoFab is once again having their site wide 15% off Black Friday Sale on all "Buy Now" items*. Starts on - Black Friday, November 29th Ends - Cyber Monday, December 2nd at Midnight *The sale covers all in-stock items purchased online except VTO Wheels. Shipping within the continental US of VTO wheels purchased during the sale will be FREE. Please excuse me for putting this in the events section,
  8. Yes they are. Basically everything at FutoFab.com that is in stock and can be ordered online with shipping to the continental US is part of our sale. The only exception is VTO wheels.
  9. If you haven't been to our website in awhile, please check it out. We continually add items (with more to come). Latest New and In-stock Items: - Datsun 510 Quarter Panels, 2d & 4d - Reproduction Interior Door Panels, 510, 240z & 280Z - High Performance 930 CV axles for Z cars. Designed for cars with high output turbo engines and V8 swaps
  10. Help us celebrate our 10th year in business. FutoFab started as hobby back in the 80's with 2 guys building rollcages for their buddies. In 2009, under owner Dave Patten's guidance, FutoFab became a legit, tax paying business. Please join us in celebration of our 10th Anniversary Celebration with our sale.
  11. F/A, I'd go with a Kirkey road race seat. The low back seat may be period correct, but it is nowhere near as safe as a seat with an integral headrest.
  12. Hey Dave, any chance of still getting a shift knob for my 620?



    1. Dime Dave

      Dime Dave

      what are you looking for?

      cost is $39 + $8 s&h in us = $47


      drop me an email at futofab@gsinet.net 


















  13. Dollars spent DOES NOT equal worth. Worth is the number on the check when you sell it.
  14. After some recent email correspondence I thought it might be prudent to offer a guideline for installing wheel studs. First, let's discuss the design of a wheel stud and fitment during their original installation. When first assembled, the hole in the hub / wheel flange has a smooth bore. For proper fit, the hole ID needs to be .006" smaller than the OD of the knurl on the stud. The stud is then pressed into the hub from the back side and the knurl actually deforms the ID of the hole in the hub. This deformation is what holds the stud in place and keeps it from rotatin
  15. Dime Dave

    New owner of 520

    The A series engines are nearly bulletproof and would make a great swap. They also made an A15 which might have a bit more torque. The killer will be finding a 5 speed. These were gobbled up by the Midget/Sprite owners for 5 speed conversions. The gearbox to look for would be a B210 dogleg 5 speed. These are 63 series and don't fit well in the Spridget tranny tunnels. I have been looking at doing a swap in my V520 . I've been looking at the CA18DE RWD engine. These come up at JDM engine importers quite often. I just can't find any info on the overall length. I believe they are slightly
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