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da_tsun521 1972 521 pickup

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The first factory Nissan 4X4 truck (not counting the Patrol which was a sort of Land Rover) was the '80 720. There were 4X4 conversions performed on new 620 trucks back in the day by specialty shops and offered through the dealer I believe. Dana diffs and axles with Jeep transfer cases. (I think) I don't know if this extended all the way back to the 521 or not. This running gear could be from a converted 620 with a 521 body on top of it. I don't think it could be an early '80s 'Yoda as the rear diff doesn't look right but is isn't a 720. Pictures of the drive train are to dark to identify.


I had a '71 back in the day and always dreamed of something like this. Very, very nice to see.

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I know this is a 4 year old thread, sorry... but does anyone know this guy Bob (da_tsun521) who started this thread? I totally love his 521 4x4 and would like to get in contact with him to see if he wants to sell it.... I currently have a stock red '72 521 ...


Any info would be awesome... if this doesn't pan out, I am looking for a 521 converted to 4WD, or I may end up building the one I have...




my truck:




and the 521 4x4:



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