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  1. I didn't see roll center adjusters on the list (aka bump steer spacers). I would almost have to say that tires are one of the most important parts of the suspension and having a good handling z/zx.
  2. hughdogz

    box flares ftw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like it too. Pac Ultra Man kid sticker.
  3. hughdogz

    '78 280Z -- My first Z.

    Looks like he's in Canada...maybe the smog laws aren't as bad as California.
  4. hughdogz

    which z parts are interchangeable?

    Just bigger "clamps". I could swear I read somewhere that the track for the endlink spacing was about the same. [Edit: I found the gory details thread. It's the only pinned topic in that forum: s30-series-240z-260z-280z/]
  5. hughdogz

    which z parts are interchangeable?

    I bet FricFrac means "series 1" is a 1979 to 1981 and "series 2" is a 1982 & 83 for the 280ZX's (for the US for sure, I know they called S130's a 280Z in Japan :blink:). Huh. I never knew that S130's have different sized sway bars...good to know. A little off topic, but there may be a way to mount the beefier 280ZX front sway bar on a S30. I've always wanted to try it...aftermarket ones are kind of spendy. On Hybridz.org they have a thread that goes into all the gory details of the S30 differences over the years, but I think Skib made a really good summary in his second post.
  6. hughdogz

    well shit...

    Nice! Good news Skib :)
  7. hughdogz

    which z parts are interchangeable?

    I could be wrong, but I thought that 240z's and maybe 260's z's didn't come with rear sway bars. My 240z doesn't have a rear sway bar.
  8. hughdogz

    new gran turismo car list!!

    I just picked mine up, but man the ~20 minute install is killing me! There is a sticker on the case that says "Nissan Acadamy". I guess if you're good enough in the simulator there is a chance to become "a real pro race car driver". LOL! like that's ever going to happen.
  9. hughdogz

    shady's racecar thread *pics*

    zya on hybridz has the original molds and will make you a set if he gets enough interest. Frank bought a zxr wing from him that was on PN's 33 car!
  10. hughdogz

    well shit...

    It was cool seeing your bulletside in person the other day. Don't bring that NismoDr guy over anymore, he's crazy! (j/k) I've never seen tailgate latches mounted on the inside of the bed before, that's pretty trick :cool:
  11. hughdogz

    Ratsun Meet @ new Sonic on 6th in Tacoma 9/18

    That blue 240Z is so nice! I wonder if it is the same one that was at Canby this year with the RB motor and Wats..
  12. hughdogz

    S130 Slammage!

    Sorry Man, deleted
  13. hughdogz

    240z straight body, Longview WA CL $500

    Not bad except for the little bit of rust, auto and dash cap. Wheels are :cool: Someone buy it before I do (j/k)
  14. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/1961603554.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling my 1972 Datun 240-Z (rare) Automatic For --$500.00 Cash /or possible trade??------Straight white body,--this has rust issues and i have to many other projects,this car is a project car, clean title, has a rear hatch that is up in the shop rafters, and have new u joints, no dents,we just dont have the time for this little car, it will be beautiful once restored!!--call---1-360-636-3759--No spammers please, best to call, i dont answere emails, thanks for looking!!
  15. hughdogz

    280ZX Stalling Problem-HELP!

    The IAC is "dumb" and slowly closes a gate valve to bring down the idle RPM's after a certain time. If this was the problem, you'd see different behavior when the engine is cold or warmed-up. The Airflow meter probably needs adjustment since the idle is kicked up on an A/T when you're in gear. I would think you'd need to richen it a bit so it won't starve for fuel and die. Something to try if upping the idle with the linkage stop screw on the throttle body doesn't work.

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