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I just sent an email to Grassroots Motorsport Mag


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It reads as follows:


Hi David,


The recent article regarding the 25 best "history shapers" seems to be missing something. In fact, the whole magazine seems to be missing something. Every time there's a mention of a Datsun product, it's always the Z car. Z car this, Z car that. Yeah, great, Z cars are nice, if not heavy post-240z.


What about the 510?! Why is this iconic car not in the 25 best? Does the Florida air call for tasting wine and cheese with only a tasteful Z car in the background? Is the 510 a spot in the affluent mark of classic Datsuns, a bastard child destined to be parked outside the garage? I speak for all the 510 owners out there; we want our lightweight rear wheel drive road-gobbling box in the 25 best! (And not one Pete Brock has sunk oodles of money into that still retains drum brakes in the rear.)


For Pete's sake, the number 7 choice is a mid 80's Camaro! The horror! Talk about an unrefined pile of hamster droppings! We need retribution! For all the heavy-metal head banging, Mountain-Dew addicted, garage-o-phile, exhaust smelling Ratsun 510 owners, we need a PL510 on the cover of the next magazine. Don't try anything cute, like sticking an HL510 on it! We'll be watching.



Matt Albertson


Oh, we shall be avenged my brothers!!!! :D

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GRM did a PL510 years ago called project rally beater:). It was an awesome build to follow:D. They liked the 510, and the car they built showed how sweet the 510 is. Don't bag on GRM they have built a lot of cars that no one else would touch:rolleyes:. I think they try to stick with the times. Dimes don't sell mags. Because Dime owners are all to cheap to buy something when we can look for free on these interwebs. Or we are saving for our next upgrade to our current Datsun.



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Yeah, I actually like GRM. Although the rally coverage of their Saab was just...blech. You're right about building cars most people wouldn't (and shouldn't) touch.


I just hope the letter gets published and they do stick a 510 on the cover. That would be sweet!

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I beleive there was a 510 on the cover a few years back. Adam Carolla's FJ powered BRE car I beleive. GRM is one of my favorite mags and pretty much the only car mag that I buy on a consistent basis. Yeah, more datto coverage would always be nice, but I'm not really complaining.

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Thats funny letter!! And the reason why I dropped my subscription!! Not enough grassroot articles all Mazda mita crap, in the last 6 years the mag has been a waist of money to me. Now if they where to do another build of a 510 maybe i would get it going again but i doubt it:(

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Hey hey, I got an email back! There IS a cover 510 upcoming feature, apparently Pete Brock wrote the article. I sent a reply of good, and questioned whether this one was going to have disc brakes all the way around to be as technologically advanced as my shitpile rally 510. :D


You should all pick it up!

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it's just a mag dude. who cares what they think. specially grassroots motorsports. i know that that datto's are cool and that's all i need to know. obivously none of the editors have ever had a datsun 510, otherwise they would know too.

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