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  1. BJW's FiveTen's

    zx cross memeber in early maxima

    I have a 280zx front x member here at the house if you guys want it. IIRC the zzz were not r&p tho.
  2. BJW's FiveTen's

    16x8 et25 on 510 2dr?????

    I find lots of 16x8 wheels I like. So guess I'm looking for some struts now. Thanks for the input.
  3. BJW's FiveTen's

    16x8 et25 on 510 2dr?????

    280zx front struts coilovers,t-3 camber plates, slotted rear xmember. Willing to roll fenders to fit,w ant to have wheels and tires under fenders. Was going to run 205-40-16 front, 215-40-16 rear. Any one been able to do this and end up with a good look and stance. thoughts? pictures? Thank you bryce
  4. BJW's FiveTen's

    Rusty 510 floor pans - Repair & replace

    Best results come from good surface prep as well. Spending an extra few minutes cleaning will really produce much better Finnish. Also be careful don't use brake clean. Burning that stuff is bad news
  5. BJW's FiveTen's

    71' 510 wagon

    Every one I have brought home have been major projects/basket cases tho.
  6. BJW's FiveTen's

    71' 510 wagon

    I have a hard time paying over $1000 for stock non runners. If I found a complete mostly rust free wagon id be happy to pay $1000. Body work is expensive and so is finding missing bits. Your area sees all types of prices on 510's. It really comes down to what someone will pay. It would have to be super clean. To pay $4000 not running. Good luck. I keep getting 2drs but still really want a wagon. But I'm cheap. I don't think ive paid more than $500 for one yet.
  7. BJW's FiveTen's

    Rusty 510 floor pans - Repair & replace

    Id recommend a tank and non flux wire. Much cleaner welding. Good luck its not to bad doing floors in these little cars.
  8. BJW's FiveTen's

    71' 510 wagon

    Free to $1000? How long off the road? Complete just not running? Pics? Good luck.
  9. BJW's FiveTen's

    optima battery "box" for sale

    Pm'd thank you
  10. BJW's FiveTen's

    SOLD***69 Datsun 510 Left Rear Quarter Panel

    Me too. Looks like about $70 to land it here in the Nw. I just need the last 4" of the quarter and what's left of the tail pannel. thanks bryce
  11. Ass hats. Not worth the risk. Keep it safe, save it for the track.
  12. BJW's FiveTen's

    1975 F350 Super Camper Special

    Sweet rig GLWS
  13. BJW's FiveTen's

    WTB 510 sedan half shaft axle

    Weak sauce. Good to hear from you again. Any thing you need for your dime just hit me up. Good chance I will have what your looking for.
  14. BJW's FiveTen's

    WTB 510 sedan half shaft axle

    Ive got some. I work in Seattle. Let me know Bryce 206-915-9311
  15. BJW's FiveTen's

    looking for pillar vents for my 70 510 coupe

    I take it you have a 2dr? Before everyone jumps down your throat you might want to change your topic title to say 2dr not coupe. A bluebird coupe is a different car than the US market 510. If you have a real deal coupe good luck with finding those. If you have a 2dr sedan let me know how nice you want and ill dig some out and go from there thanks bryce

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