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  1. Dan, I didnt go because I was sick. I hope someone went and snap plenty of pictures
  2. Did you go to the nismo meet? I didnt go because I was sick

  3. good to meet you too.

  4. Nice meeting you. Hope to have a dime soon

  5. Today I came across a fellow member. I was excited to meet him. A nice guy with one hell of car. Loved it. His name is Cory but he goes by Oregon Dime. Im sure plenty of you guys might now him.
  6. i might be getting a four door. I gotta wait to see if the owner cars back. its a 70. we will see what happens.
  7. sweeet, so i'm not the only one here. king bee, do you know who owns that four door dime on craigs list for sale or have you seen it in person. it looks to be clean but not to sure.
  8. Are there anymore members in San Antonio, Tx. the other day I saw a goon and I dang near passed out. The sightings of any dimes here in this city are dang near a rare site or maybe I'm just flat out blind. If there anymore members out there from San Antonio, Tx add yourself on here
  9. where have i been hiding? that hotwheel is clean. when did they release it. i want one
  10. I could of swore it was someone in Dallas that owns that car. Not sure but good luck
  11. those are some sweet cars. What a change in weather from tropical weather to the freezing temps. How did you adjust to that stuff and welcome
  12. I've always wanted to do that but I've been scared of drowning. You gotta have some balls of steel to be up in this stuff.
  13. Not bad of a price but ouch on that rust.
  14. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow with you UT and Neb. I also hope that TCU keeps winning. What a under dog of a team for sure.
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