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Canby art work contest

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The Canby Datsun Nissan show and swap meet award 100.00 to the winner of the art contest. The Datsun Nissan art will be used on the shirts and most of the addvertizing. Anyone can enter, enteries need to be in by Dec. 12, send your entries to reuelelena@comcast.net I've seen some great art on this site, So show us what you have. Reuel

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have both work together and come up with something would be damn nere imposable


I agree you 2 should get together and come up with the design it would be sick as hell!!



I think with Fisch's concepts and Ed's realism you to should be able to come up with a truly awesome design.


you art both artist with a little diffrent flare and put together wow that would be some real cool Datsun art

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I'm working on one right now....I can always change the design when I'm done..lol. This is NOT the final design...just a concept, for one thing there's probably too many cars in this one and it's probably too wide to work... It'll probably end up being something like this, but with the 510 in there...



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That design is pretty sweet. As much as I love Fisch's artwork, I think Ed's style of artwork would be more tailored to printing on shirts. It seems that gradient shading is much easier and cheaper to do shirts in without losing a lot of detail.


I agree 100%! A lot of my textures and line work would just get lost on a t-shirt.


And I'd love to jam with Ed someday! Any one of his renderings would be an insane launching point. Alas, if I do submit this year it will have to be something I've already done. No time.:( At the most I might take the background off of one of mine and add text if they need it. This time of year is often my busiest, and this year is no exception. So I am pretty nose to the grindstone for the next few months.

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I love both Ed's and Fisches art! They are 2 different styles and variety is great. Please both of you read the fine print before submitting to be sure you are in agreement with the contract. It sounds like fun!


I like Fisch's idea of removing a back ground and adding text.


I also like Ed's rendering of the many different Datsun's ecxept I think the red 411 and Tropic Sunset should be in there.


I like bright colors.

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