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Stock B210 Rim Size Replacement

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know the size of the stock steel wheels for a 1978 Datsun B210, width and offset?

I'd like to keep the original hubcaps but may want to replace the steel wheels and put some 175 70R13 whitewalls on there.

Thanks in advance!


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Early 1962-1964 Chevy Corvair had 13x6 inch steel wheels, same bolt pattern, similar or same offset.  The stock B210 full hub caps should fit the Corvair wheels.


Have your searched for 13 inch TIRES?  They are hard to find, unless you are NOT particular!

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Any 13" tire will fit any 13" rim. But not always for the best. You want wider but not taller or the acceleration and speedometer are adversely affected. 


Post what are on the car when you get it. Knowing that tiers that are identical but wider can be calculated.

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10 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

That has to be one of the ugliest cars any manufacturer produced, ever, in any country, through all of time.

You have seen a Datsun F10, right?

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I'm not Stoff but, the S10 had its fair share of ugly as well. While I'm at it, let's add in the S110 Notchback. It was also a bit ugly but the Fastback, oh baby.


Thread officially jacked.

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The S10 is so close to the same shape as the B210, but there are subtle differences that make it less bulgy and more edgy. I like the S10 because it is completely "Japanese" in design, like Mothra. The B210 was apparently designed by committee. The smaller wheels don't help either.


The S110 looks much like the Aston Martin Lagonda, which most car people hate, like really hate, but I've always loved it. My tastes go against the grain, and guys who know me, understand that. I love Bertone (or more specifically, Gandini) designed Ferraris, but the majority really dislikes them, as the only real Ferraris are Pininfarina. The edgy lines of the 308 GT4 or the 400i set my soul on fire.


Now put either the S10 or S110 in full race trim. I've just creamed my pants...

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On 11/4/2023 at 7:53 PM, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

That has to be one of the ugliest cars any manufacturer produced, ever, in any country, through all of time.



I always thought so too. ..but then I saw them like this.

Rad Racer — 74' Datsun Sunny Coupe B210

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10 hours ago, datzenmike said:

The 5 mph bumpers are an abomination.




I forget the exact weight but the 74-75 bumpers add something like 80-100 pounds to the car too. 


Note: they do actually work pretty damn well though. 


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