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Blue see through........ oil*

Black sooty................. over rich gas mixture. Stuck choke or flooding.

White**.......................... steam from water, exhaust smells of coolant. *In extreme oil burning it can be white also.


**Blown head gasket into cooling system can explain constant loss of coolant and top ups. Depending on severity some water will get past the rings and dilute the oil making it look like chocolate milk. It can also result in compression over pressurizing the cooling system and expelling coolant out the over flow on the rad cap. Either will result in eventual overheating.

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Thanks Pacific coast datsun, unfortunately I had enough of the overheating, losing coolant, lots of smoke and the oil leaking that I've decided to have a professional rebuild the whole engine, right now it's in the shop hopefully comes out as a champ.


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Well on the picture shows everything he is going to replace and the engines they had in the shop looked like a brand new engine all beautiful and shiny, hopefully it comes out like that, ill post some pictures after I get it, for a complete overhaul he's charging me $2600 ,I took the truck and they will swap engine or rebuild the same one, but they are doing everything for 2600 ,,,


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That's fine. You don't have to know everything to own and enjoy a Datsun. But I advise that you start doing simple checks, repairs and adjustments as you are able. Get a Nissan '73 factory service manual (FSM) and leave in the bathroom and read it every morning. Garbage out, info in. I'll be damned if I'll let a mechanic tell me something I have to take his word for. I may not be capable of fixing something on my Datsun but I know what's wrong with it.


s-l225.jpg the thick brown one on right. Chiltons and Haynes cover all 7 years of 620 and poorly. The '73 is everything specific for a '73. For 1/3 the cost of an hour of mechanic's wages you can have this manual.

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Hello fellas I have a 1973 620 with the L16 motor and I need the engine fan and I can't find one anywhere but there's one on Ebay from Thailand for the 620 j13 and j15 motor does any body know if the j13 or j15 motor fan is compatible with the L16 motor?,,,thanks in advance fellas.

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I doubt anyone makes them there's no market. E-bay? try the Nissan dealer, a want ad here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/  ... Someone may have one'


The 620 fan os 330mm diameter? The 521 and 510 L16 fan might be smaller but should fit.

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It doesn't say its for a datsun but I will keep looking, but now i have a bigger problem i sent my truck to california datsun in riverside ca to have the engine ribuilted and the guy charged me 2650 and he gave me the truck with a nice looking engine but with some issues he moved the bottom of the distributor and now I can't adjust the timing because the advance is hitting the thermostat housing do u guys know what he did wrong?

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Did you get your engine back? or some off the shelf trade in? Did you get a warranty?


Probably can't be advanced which is clockwise and hitting under the top rad hose. 


Set engine to TDC on the compression stroke of the #1 cylinder.

Pull distributor out and look down inside.You should see this...




Note that the small half moon is to the left.

Unbolt a drop the oil pump, spindle will likely drop out too.

Turn it CCW one or two teeth and put back in.

Keep trying until you get it like the picture.

Put back together and time it.




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1 hour ago, Crashtd420 said:

It wierd it says it on the search part bit not in the actual listing.....



As far as the timing that could be either the timing plate or the oil pump /distributor spindle got installed wrong...

Try to post a pic of where its hitting... 

Is the timing set i

I ve installed a thermostat sensor on the top radiator hose and he blamed the distributor touching the hose on that, that it wasn't timed properly because of the aftermarket sensor but I had it before I took it to him and I was able to time it ,so he told me is not timed properly until I get rid of the thermostat sensor but I know is bs, and also the engine have an oil leak so I'm gonna have to call him tomorrow for him to fix it and also he messed up my throttle cable and he wrote that it was like that, he never gave me any warranty but he needs to fix that or I will call the federal bureau of automotive on him,


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Tell the truth I haven't heard much good about CD. That's some shitty work right there. So again did you get your engine back?


Even if the sensor was in the way he could have dropped and re-clocked the drive spindle. That picture I posted is how it should look when it came from the factory.


That's a lot of return spring, gonna wear out the throttle shaft.

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I would have never took that motor there to that guy esp for that price in the first place which you saw in my earlier post


be honest my first motor I built leaked a little

my 2nd was better.this might be a minor issue that one is not going to redo as depending on the quality of the kit used might not be perfect.As the what is available.

the dist timing can be fixed by putting the dist in 180 by changing the pedestal that mounts on the front cover This will put the vac advance 180 which will clear the upper rad hose.And you could dial in the timing better.

So you put motor to TDC take photos and then put the dist in 180 and then move the spark plug wires 180. Means where number 4 was you make it number 1 then go 1 3 4 2 counter close wise fire order.Watch my vid on the distributor section.

As for the carb linkage instead of the ball end ones needs the adapter that bolts to that plate with the holes that is made for the cable to go they a hole then one thightens a bolt to hold the wire.On Weber’s I use the stock hitachi carb cable puller it bolts up to the Weber.


that smaller return spring might be all that is needed.Don’t over spring the carb linkage.the throttle cable should have a slow bent to them no 90deg otherwise that is hooky.


show him my response and he might move the dist to fix the timing

the other issues are minor that you should be able to fix but for 2600 he should fix it for you but if I would have known earlier this was calif Datsun I would have found another motor for 400 bucks and have him install it

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