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  1. Leo92335


    Thank you Mike I just needed confirmation that it's ok to be after the half mark Today I've timed it at different degrees because the idiots at California datsun left it at 15 and I've read here to set it at 10 so I've spent a lot of time timing and recording the degrees without the auxiliary fan on,,,, also on the 5 as the book says and 10,and 15 ,,,,,and my readings were lower at 10 and the engine wouldn't rattle after I turn it off, so my mark was about 60 percent at idling after a couple of hours at 10 degrees ,somehow I tought that it should be below the half mark so I guess it's ok to be after the mark and be ok,,,with this piece of crap truck I'm sure I will always need your advice from u guys but from the bottom of my heart thank you Mike and everyone else that has been helping me, thanks
  2. Leo92335


    I'm sorry If I put u on the spot mike,,another question where should the needle be on the gauge for a hot day like 110 f
  3. Leo92335


    Hey Mike good morning thanks for replying you are the man!, I found one that turns on at 190 and turns of at 175 what do you think about this one
  4. Leo92335


    Hello guys I just installed the engine fan and shroud that I found on Ebay the question is can I leave the electric fan that I already have installed for extra cooling of the radiator and another question is the water temperature sensor I have turns on at 185 and stops at 180 is that correct or should I install a lower temperature one?
  5. Leo92335

    Correct temperature

    Hello guys I have a 1973 620 with the L16 motor, what is the ideal temperature for the engine because my sensor starts at 185 and turns off at 180 so I would like to know if this is correct or should I get a lower one
  6. Leo92335


    Thanks for all your comments, I've called cd and he's willing to fix the 3 issues but we'll see, hopefully everything works out, do you guys know if the fan and shroud of a 1974 620 with the L18 would fit a 1973 620 with the L16?
  7. Leo92335


    Yes I picked up the truck last Tuesday with the engine rebuilt and barely noticed this weekend the oil leak, the throttle cable and figured it out that his story for the distributor didn't make sense
  8. Leo92335


    I ve installed a thermostat sensor on the top radiator hose and he blamed the distributor touching the hose on that, that it wasn't timed properly because of the aftermarket sensor but I had it before I took it to him and I was able to time it ,so he told me is not timed properly until I get rid of the thermostat sensor but I know is bs, and also the engine have an oil leak so I'm gonna have to call him tomorrow for him to fix it and also he messed up my throttle cable and he wrote that it was like that, he never gave me any warranty but he needs to fix that or I will call the federal bureau of automotive on him,
  9. Leo92335


    It doesn't say its for a datsun but I will keep looking, but now i have a bigger problem i sent my truck to california datsun in riverside ca to have the engine ribuilted and the guy charged me 2650 and he gave me the truck with a nice looking engine but with some issues he moved the bottom of the distributor and now I can't adjust the timing because the advance is hitting the thermostat housing do u guys know what he did wrong?
  10. Time Left: 12 days and 4 hours

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    I'm looking for the mechanical motor fan and shroud for my 1973 620 with the L16 motor, used or new, thanks


    Fontana , California - US

  11. Leo92335


    Thanks Mike, do u know where can I buy the motor fan for the 1973 ,620 L16
  12. Leo92335


    Hello fellas I have a 1973 620 with the L16 motor and I need the engine fan and I can't find one anywhere but there's one on Ebay from Thailand for the 620 j13 and j15 motor does any body know if the j13 or j15 motor fan is compatible with the L16 motor?,,,thanks in advance fellas.
  13. Leo92335


    Brother I ain't rich,barely surviving, it's a lot of money but I had no choice
  14. Leo92335


    My problem is that I don't know anything about inside of the engine
  15. Leo92335


    Supposedly includes everything from bottom to top,,,they specialize in datsuns so I trust they'll do a great job
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