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Best intake/exhaust manifold gasket?


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Forum friends, looking for the experienced answer or suggestion.


I am removing the Mikuni short side draft intake manifold and exhaust header from my car so I can re-seal them and know that I don't have an issue there.


Is there a particular type/brand of intake/exhaust manifold gasket I should use that has proven to seal better and last longer than a generic one?


L16 4cyl running a ported SSS head, header, and a Mikuni side draft set-up on the short Mikuni intake manifold.

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Best is a Nissan OEM gasket, but probably NLA.

There are several members on this board who have built more engines, more currently then I have, they should answer soon.


My opinion, it is far more important to make sure the gasket surfaces are clean, and flat.  Spotlessly clean, flat within .005, over both sides of the intake together.  


This is how I install the manifolds on the four cylinder L-engine, after both the head and manifold surfaces are clean and flat.


Install the three exhaust manifold studs, one in the center, one on each end.

Hang the gasket on the three studs, pay attention to if the gasket has a sticky surface, and if the sticky side goes to the head, or the manifolds.

Put the exhaust manifold on the three studs, put washers and nuts on the studs, hand tight.

Put the four lower bolts that hold both manifolds, with the thick washers in the head.  Just start these four bolts, just enough threads to prevent them from falling out of the head. 

Pull the thick washers close to the head of the bolts, leaving a gap so you can slide the intake manifold on to the bolts, without touching anything sticky on the manifold gasket.

Set the intake manifold on the four lower bolts, and then put one of the upper intake manifold bolts in, above number 1 or 4 intake runner, finger tight, put a second upper bolt in, above number 4 or 1, again finger tight.  Put the other two upper manifold bolts in, finger tight.

Snug the three nuts on the exhaust manifold studs.

Snug the two inner lower bolts with thick washers.

Snug the two upper intake manifold bolts, above two and three intake runners.

Snug the two other upper intake manifold bolts, above one and four intake runners.

Snug the two outer lower bolts with thick washers.

Snug the two outer exhaust manifold studs.


Final torque on the manifold is 9 to 12 foot pounds of torque.   I would torque all the nuts and bolts to about half that, then do final torque, and then check the final torque again.

A universal joint on a 12 MM socket helps reach the lower manifold bolts.

After the engine has been warmed up once, check manifold bolt torque again, check at about 100 miles of driving, check again at first oil change.

Check head bolts when you check manifold bolts.

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Felpro, $18 and 1.5" intake ports, metal rings around the exhaust. Like Daniel says clean flat surfaces and good fasteners, what's to wear out? If surfaces are not clean and flat what good is the $89 one?


If a header make sure the flange is the same thickness as the intake or the cone washers won't bridge across properly. You could weld some thickness on.

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21 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

Crashed420 or Mainer311 on here(Remflex) just got a fancy intake exhaust gasket  graphite one I believe. but kinda expensive


Felpro has one that is big port for the 1.5 in intakes but are not as good but work. this is a common part.  like 10-13$

Yes I used the remflex gasket... found it on ebay for $40.... not too bad....





You can read their claims ...


I only bought it because the Nissan gasket was saying dont use with headers, but honestly I didnt find that to be true.... I had a nissan intake gasket on before with headers and had no issue and saw no problems when I removed it... i only removed it to work on my intake.. 


The only real difference was the remflex has gasket material between exhaust ports 2 and 3 and obviously the material it's made from..... 

I would probably just use a nissan gasket next time... 


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29 minutes ago, Metzman510 said:

I purchased that Remflex gasket from that seller on ebay yesterday. Will let you know how it works.

I'm a true blue believer in Yamabond-4 (Threebond 1184), do I use it around the intake ports?

I use 1211. I think it has a higher heat rating than 1184.


We once ran an engine on the dyno with only 1211 holding the intake manifold on. We were doing some work and removed the intake manifold bolts and forgot to put them back in before we fired it off. Ran it a few pulls before we realized the bolts were out. The 1211 really holds.

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