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  1. https://www.oreillyauto.com/search?q=Bh84517 Keith
  2. Time Left: 2 days and 2 hours

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    I have a pair of black lap seat belts that were installed my Datsun 520 for test purposes only. (I have since replaced them with another pair that are red.) The belts have 74" of webbing and are 61" maximum between mounting holes (In order to install the seat belts, you will need to source mounting bolts and washers. ) Local pick-up or shipped from Zip Code 75075 Email me with your phone number and I'll call you right back. Keith (Plano, TX)


  3. Great suggestion. Thanks.
  4. Has anyone found an aftermarket replacement for the Hand Brake Cable Dust Shields (shown in diagram below)? Thanks, Keith Keith
  5. You should consider posting on 60patrol.com. There are some parts that are NLA that members my be interested in buying. I know the following may be of interest: windshield vent knobs shift knobs wiper motor cover defroster hose coupler crank handle mounts Keith
  6. zed1

    320 paint code

    Here are a few more: https://www.flickr.com/photos/53116286@N07/albums/72157628320419593 Keith
  7. zed1

    Dash and knobs?

    “square cutout on top of the dash” Ash Tray Keith
  8. zed1

    520 Long Bed?

    I have not seen any Datsun/Nissan issued 1966 520 brochure, service manual, parts manual, owner's manual, or technical document which identifies, illustrates or depicts a long bed. (Note, a long bed would have different parts, including tailpipe, bed side panels and electrical wiring to accommodate the increased length. Keith
  9. To my knowledge, all US bound 520s had the chrome grill. Some owners painted their grill to hide damage. (The cost of chrome game a grill currently exceeds $200, not including damage repair.) The grill badge is missing on many 1966 and 1967 520s. To my knowledge, Datsun/Nissan did not provide a production /VIN cutoff for adding the grill badge. Keith
  10. I am looking for a suitable replacement for the seatbelt mounting washers. The washer have a shoulder machined on the washer base. The dimensions are: OD .935” 15/16” ID .445” 7/16” There are two washer sizes: Thinner - Thickness .078” 5/64” Thicker - Thickness .322” 5/16” Does any have a interchange (substitute) suggestion? Thanks, Keith
  11. Let's not forget the 1971 Plymouth Cricket. Keith
  12. MikeRL411, Per ACDelco, the battery is NLA. Do you have any suggestions for a "period correct appearance" battery? Thanks, Keith
  13. The closest product that matches an original stuffing material of Coconut Fiber is AquaSav Coco Roll (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pride-Garden-Products-40-in-x-20-in-AquaSav-Coco-Roll-CR4020/205087123) Keith
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