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  1. Consider: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Art-Supplies/Drawing-Illustration/Markers/Molotow-Liquid-Chrome-Marker/p/LC101225 Keith
  2. zed1

    Cup holder for a 520

    Charlie, As a reminder, the early 520's have the shifter rod hole located closer to the firewall to accommodate the early transmission design. The distance between the heater box and the shifter boot is 9.5". Since the later transmission design moved the shifter boot closer to the seat, the previously referenced distance is greater. Thanks to you and Garret for your assistance on this project. Keith
  3. zed1

    Cup holder for a 520

    I only have the photo...someone with better fabricating skills may want to make this and offer to others!!! I'd be the first one to buy it! Hint, hint. Keith
  4. zed1

    Cup holder for a 520

    I found this example. Any other designs you found?
  5. What is the four digit code on the ignition lock? Keith
  6. Consider Remflex http://catalog.remflex.com/category_s/27.htm Regards, Keith
  7. It is interesting that the Nissan J Series Engines has commonality to the BMC (British Motor Corporation) B- Series engines. BMC, along with other manufacturers, supported the rebuild of the Japanese auto industry by sharing design and technology. A good summary of the history of the BMC B- Series engines can be found at https://web.archive.org/web/20070311055719if_/http://www.austin-rover.co.uk:80/index.htm?enginebseriesf.htm. Personally, I have had to use several BMC B- Series engine parts to rebuild my J13. Please add your knowledge/experience of the BMC B- Series engines to this thread. We must not let the J series engine become extinct!!! Keith
  8. I just uncovered the owner's manual for a 1971 510 with a warranty card issued to Patrick G. Seymour, Jr. of Snohomish, WA. Does anyone know if Patrick is still an active Datsun owner? Thanks, Keith
  9. zed1

    J13 rebuild options.

    Do you have a machine shop nearby that could give you some recommendations? Keith
  10. zed1

    J13 gasket kit

    Grindstaff (https://www.grindstaffengines.com) bought out Motorpower (http://motorpower.net/pricing/j15.html) and may have the gasket set you need. Keith
  11. Some BMC B-Series engine parts interchange. A good resource is Kip Motors http://www.king-cart.com/kipmotor/category=Metropolitan+Engine+Cylinder+Head&cart_id=12218.5465&exchange=&exact_match=exact Keith
  12. Per 60Patrol forum" "MotorPower Inc is no longer operating and has been bought by Grindstaff Engines. The MotorPower website is still up but they do not have control of it, the owner died last year and they bought the business but cannot gain control of the website. Just spoke with Rick Grindstaff and he has some of the info on the PPU engine parts but they do not show on his site. I have also been looking at Tiffen Parts. Looks like both are about the same price. Tiffen gives the actual Nissan Part numbers and the Motor Power site shows a made up internal part number." Keith
  13. zed1

    1968 520

    The bed of early 520s do not have the provision of side or rear reflectors. Also, the bed wheel housing was redesigned to accommodate the fuel tank evaporator plumbing.
  14. zed1

    1968 520

    Please keep posting photos of the 520.
  15. zed1

    1968 520

    Welcome to the Datsun Brain Trust. What part of OK are you in? Keith
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