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  1. Let's not forget the 1971 Plymouth Cricket. Keith
  2. MikeRL411, Per ACDelco, the battery is NLA. Do you have any suggestions for a "period correct appearance" battery? Thanks, Keith
  3. The closest product that matches an original stuffing material of Coconut Fiber is AquaSav Coco Roll (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pride-Garden-Products-40-in-x-20-in-AquaSav-Coco-Roll-CR4020/205087123) Keith
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I have a Datsun 520 and 521 J13 1300cc J16 1600CC Air Cleaner Hose that was included with the purchase of my Datsun 520. The hose is new and still sealed in its original packaging. The part number 16530-20502 is latently visible on the hose. The hose may fit other Datsun or Nissan air cleaner assembles including Datsun A Series Engines using part number 16530-B3901, however I am unable to determine interchange fitment. See add at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-520-and-521-J13-1300cc-L16-1600cc-Air-Cleaner-Hose/224273954245 Thanks for looking. Keith


    PLANO, Texas - US

  5. Anyone have experience with Spazstix Ultimate Mirror Chrome (https://www.hobbyrecreationproducts.com/collections/spazstix-ultimate-mirror-chrome)? I have an interior trim part that needs a chrome appearance and I am concerned that this paint will not be durable enough to withstand the fingerprint touching. Thanks for your input. Keith
  6. zed1

    320 and 520 parts

  7. zed1

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Many sizes at low prices...https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Corner+Rounder+Paper+Punch+Card+Photo&i=arts-crafts&s=price-asc-rank&qid=1605219304&ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank Keith
  8. zed1

    New 320 owner, 62?

    I had great success with PC-7 https://www.pcepoxy.com/products/permanent-repair/pc-7-paste-epoxy/ Keith
  9. zed1

    New 320 owner, 62?

    What product did you previously used that is now cracking? Thanks, Keith
  10. zed1

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Just to confirm, is the material used for the vent covers have a high resistance to oil absorption? Thanks, Keith
  11. Welcome. Photos of your 520 will help us determine exactly what you have. (Some 1966 520’s were titled as 1967.) keith
  12. zed1

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Is this on the Repop radar? Keith
  13. The USDM Patrol 60 Series used a padding between the tank straps and the tank. (It was not asbestos, but rather a felt product). Keith
  14. What is the model number of the radio you are installing? Thanks, Keith
  15. Impressive. your work is outstanding. Keith
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