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  1. zed1

    Datsun j16

    J13 is stated to be 67 HP.
  2. zed1

    Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades

    Wow, sure looks shiny.
  3. zed1

    Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades

  4. zed1

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Looking good.
  5. zed1

    Vintage Audio Equipment

    Do you have any vintage Fisher speakers in the collection? Keith
  6. zed1

    battery hold downs for 521

    DanielC, Is Item #6 the one you are making? http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1965-1972/electrical-1300-(j13)/battery#PhotoSwipe1517787879745 Here is another style I have seen on the 520/521: https://www.tractortool.com/tractor-parts/sheet-metal/nca10718a-battery-hold-down.html Keith
  7. zed1

    Key blanks

    A primer on keys http://keys4classics.com/html/Datsun_early_ID.html http://datsunforum.com/datsun-key-identification-chart/ Keith
  8. zed1

    Key blanks

    Just email me your mailing address and key blank code.
  9. zed1

    Key blanks

    I have acquired the following extra uncut key blanks (some are Taylor, Ilco, Dominion or Curtis brands) If you need a spare key, I have the following blanks available: D72Z D73A D73V To welcome 2018, no charge for a fellow Ratsun member with 10 or more posts! Just email me your mailing address and key blank code. Keith
  10. zed1

    Sir we have a 520 in progress!

    Also, the oil filter is the later model, not the cartridge style.
  11. zed1

    Sir we have a 520 in progress!

    Please keep posting photos.
  12. zed1

    Mile High 520

  13. zed1

    Mile High 520

    My March 1965 production 520 has the same turn signal and turn signal switch.
  14. zed1

    Mile High 520

    Welcome to the 66 club. Have any photos of the engine compartment? Keith
  15. Do you have a photo of the style fuel filter you need? Keith

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