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The fronts are the same as the 4 door sedan, I think, but the rears are not. The difference on the rears is the top of the sash? The roofline is differently curved. I think the glass is also different length. Otherwise everything below the sill should be the same.

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The window frame on front wagon doors are a fraction of an inch taller than front sedan doors.

So close that the doors will usually fit on either but it is noticeable where the front and back frames meet and looks funky if you use the wrong one. Probably won't seal water out either.

Thanks. I believe I have a set of doors from a 4 door I had way back that had been wrecked and was not sure if any would work on a Goon but you guys are getting me fixed up on the differences. Trying to figure what I can plan on reorganizing things at the building and make some room.



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The front doors will fit, BUT yes, there is that not quite ~~1/4in difference. 


Yes, the complete door shell itself is the same, the window/glass frames are slightly different, and yes a good body guy/welder could swap frames.


I would bet you could do the same with the rear door shells........swap out the frames...........??



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