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  1. That’s just plain ridiculous! https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=steez
  2. Ok, so if I keep the booster, does a bigger BMC make sense with the bigger brakes in the front? Or will the booster be enough to make the stock one be workable?
  3. Thanks! That completely makes sense to me. When I did the BMC in the 510, it was STIFF!
  4. So, in working on the reassembly and my induction plan for the car, I'm wondering about the brake booster being in the way. I plan on bigger brakes up front and have read a few different ideas about what would work for a BMC. I am using the combination that Mike Klotz out together. I do not need a brake booster so I am wondering what might work for an upgrade BMC on the 710 (I think I used one from a 280zx when I built my 510). Thanks for you thoughts!
  5. Can’t beat free! That looks like a pretty good start for something awesome!
  6. Good morning! I’m just wondering if anyone knows if the front sway bar from a 510 would fit a 710. Id like to update mine, so I’m trying to figure out what might work. Thanks everyone!
  7. Still working on getting things together, but there are two projects going on in my shop. In March my sons and I flew to California to bring home a 2000 Subaru RS2.5. We drove the thing home NO problem. ONce we got home and he tweaked his suspension added wheels and tires he proceeded to begin autocrossing. On about his third weekend the tired EJ25 gave up and said tow me home please....so I towed him home so my son could start on the swap he wanted to do (though a little early). He is swapping an EZ30 (H6) from a JDM Legacy. He worked at making the factory ECM work with little luck so he bit the bullet and bought a "Link" stand alone ECM. After a bunch of wiring, reading, some more reading, asking questions, frustration, resorting some wiring (he needed power to the main relay), we then figured out the timing was out 360 degrees....set it to the proper timing and this happened..... 87ADC6B3-B223-4215-AAC5-BE4299329654 by opalbeetle, on Flickr There was some pretty loud cheering and a feeling of relief! Absolutely awesome how he figured it all out (proud dad talking here)!
  8. Time Left: 9 days and 10 hours

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    Hi. I am looking for the weather stripping (new or good condition used) for the lift gate of a 710 wagon. The metal compression clips in mine have rusted right out! There aren't any of these cars around here. Thanks.


  9. Slowly getting things back together. The rear lift gate window rubber had blue overspray all the way around it. That'd be fine, IF I was repainting it the same colour. I slowly scraped it off with a utility knife blade. It left a little scraping but looks a lot cleaner. The weatherstripping around the lift gate has deteriorated from the inside! There is metal crimping in there that rusted out for part of it. Have any of you found a substitute that might work? Or, have one that you aren't using? I tried one from a Subaru wagon but it's too tall and the lift gate doesn't "sit down". Everything takes time! From sandblasting rusty bolts and painting them to finding the pieces I took off over the past 8 years and then remembering where everything goes! Ha! Making progress! Thanks for looking in....
  10. I really liked Nardo Grey but ended up picking a grey that’s quite a bit lighter. It’s not anything specific but it’s really close to Ford Tractor (7N, 8N) grey. The light colour is good for hiding my less than best body work.....
  11. Thanks for your encouragement, Mark. It's been a long term project, that's for sure. I live on a gravel road and am happy with a 20' paint job. It's far from perfect, but it'll look good from afar and while it's moving! I'm looking forward to driving it again.... Todd
  12. It's gonna be grey.... I hung the doors and rear lift gate from the ceiling. For the most part it worked awesome! The lift gate will have upside down paint runs (not so bad to have to fix it) when it's installed! My "fancy" exhaust stem for the shop... And I bought myself a treat. I've been looking for 15" wheels for a while (other than the unfinished snowflakes I have) and came across these. They are definitely 15", but for the life of me I can't recall the specs off the top of my head. I know that according to my calculations and figuring that the offsets will fit nicely. There will be more updates coming, but I am back to work now and things go from summer mode to 100mph in about a day around here. So, as I get things reassembles and put back together, I will update. Until next time.....
  13. I use datsun510.com. Sometimes it goes down for maintenance, but it comes back. And it’s pretty easy to use. There are a bunch others and some may chime in to what they use.
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