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  1. opalbeetle

    Introducing La La, My ‘77 710 Wagon.

    That is one amazing looking wagon. Finding one around here like that.....impossible. Congratulations, it’s terrific!
  2. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Hello to those who look in! It's not much (been busy with the end of the school year, cutting the acres of grass around here and my son is swapping an H6 into an RS2.5....yup, he spun a bearing!) but I cleaned up the rear valance. There was quite a bit of surface rust caused by rocks on this. They would hit the bumper and bounce back against the car. I will be on summer holidays in a week and I am ready for some big next steps when time frees up. I cannot wait! Thanks for looking in!
  3. opalbeetle

    DREAM build! 1972 Nissan Skyline GTX "HKOSUKA"

    That’s pretty awesome, right there! All of it!
  4. opalbeetle

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    That’s awesome!
  5. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    The mounting tab is welded back in. I used Picklex on the bare metal before adding weld-through primer before welding. I will seal it up again and hope that the surface rust in there stays put. Have a great Tuesday!
  6. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Good morning! Anyone know if a 510 front sway bar would fit the front of a 710. I know that ADDCO has different part numbers but wondering if anyone has had experience using the 510 sway bar. Thanks in advance!
  8. opalbeetle

    My '76 710 Goon

    That thing really looks like it belongs there! Again, well done!
  9. opalbeetle

    My '76 710 Goon

    Well done!
  10. opalbeetle

    My island '74 710

    Looks like it belongs there. Well done.
  11. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Finally got the front patch on the rocker done. Here is the gap that needed filling. Here is the patch ready to weld in. I made tabs that slip under the rocker to make gaps to spot weld it in and hold it in place. Tacked in! You'll notice the extra material of the tab that needs removing. I used a flapper wheel on my die grinder to smooth it done to match the rocker and many spot welds later....it's in! I will use seam sealer between the body and the patch instead of welding along the whole seam. There was also some rust inside the tailight housing. I treated the rust and removed the bracket with a spot weld cutter. I attached it to a homemade bracket for relocation. I hope it ends up in the right spot! As always, thanks for looking in!
  12. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Hello! After the false rocker was welded in, there is still the gap between the original rocker and the new one. So, I cut a patch out of sheet metal and made a patch to weld it in. This is it welded in. It's always a bit of a challenge welding 22 gauge metal in. Once it's welded in, grinding and sanding through the metal is quite easy, leaving a hole that needs filling again! On to the passenger side. Thanks for looking in!
  13. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Thanks for the back handed compliment! Ha! I got them done at a sheet metal place in Beausejour. I can’t remeber the name. I gave them a profile, some sheet metal, 80$ and voila!
  14. opalbeetle

    1976 Wagoon (710)

    Been awhile....but, I have been figuring and tinkering. As usual, work, being a dad and life slow things down. I'd like to have more time on weekends, but driving my son to Special Olympics and swimming lessons every Saturday pretty much wipes out a day to tinker. Not complaining, just the way it is! So, I have had some "false" (cosmetic is what my biddy calls them) rockers made to deal with the way the door hangs past the rockers without the rocker trim. I posted this before. I had some "false" rockers bent up. Trimmed. I folded the wheel well end to wrap into the wheel well to be welded there. Clamped them down to have a look at the alignment. The door skins line up and there is no gap! There is a little of fiddling to do with lining up the fenders and doors but after it's all primed and ready for paint, I will do that. Drivers side tacked in. I'll cut and weld in a piece to fill the opening at the front. Passenger side tacked in. Until next time.
  15. opalbeetle


    I think that the fronts are different heights if I remember correctly. Though, for the life of me I cannot remember which one is taller.

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