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  1. Thanks! It only took 10 years... I love the way this thing goes. It runs great! The cam is a little "lumpy", which sounds awesome! I have the 38mm SUs with that cam (I'll include the specs below...). Lots of torque for me to have fun. The cam wakes right up at 3k rpm and pulls hard til over 5k rpm. The SUs run quite rich at idle (not super uncommon I hear) and using a wideband gauge, I can tweak the mixture pretty well to get good A/F numbers for cruising and honking on it. I had read/heard that the 38s might be too small for a 2.2 and 46mm might be better...maybe that's true, but the 38s seem fun to me. I have 42mm Webers sitting on the shelf to try some time, but if the SUs keep putting a smile on my face...why would I change them? I have a KA24De sitting in the corner of the shop...I swapped one into a 510 many years ago and thought the 710 might get one too. I'm kinda enjoying the L series and not sure that I'll ever go the KA route now. I copied the cam specs from another site. I have the actual sheet from the guys who regrind them at home, so I will have to double check to see if these are accurate (though no reason to think they are not). The M445 cam has the following specs;445 Profile: Duration: 280 degrees (30-70-70-30) Overlap: 60 degrees Lift: 0.507” at the valve
  2. I LOVE driving it....I've had a couple of hiccups, but they're sorted until the next ones pop up. As for looking great, "good from far, far from good". It was always the plan to drive the thing, no trailer queens here.
  3. Hello! I have not updated the pictures and the things that I have built along the way (I still plan to do that when time and energy permits). So, I am actually driving the car now. Is it finished? Nope. It still needs a few things sorted and then we can call it done...it's more than fun to drive. I'll get at updating with the pictures of what I have (I should have taken more pictures but got caught up in building ad assembling and often forgot to take pics along the way.) Z22 block, U67 head, Shadbolt Cam (M445), SUs and a homemade 2 1/4" exhaust and a 5 speed. The first two pics show the car 1/2" lower than the last. I raised it 1/2" to help with rubbing and reducing potential trouble on the gravel road I have to drive to get to a paved road. Thanks for looking in!
  4. That’d be awesome to see what you come up with Mike. I have Subaru from seats ready to go into my 710 wagon. I have the complete back seats too. They’re from a 2000 Outback wagon.
  5. Looking terrific! I love seeing the metal work.
  6. This is AWESOME! I love seeing one being taken to this level. Nicely done!
  7. Thanks Mike. Pictures would be great! I am not sure what the original position would be. How would I locate that exactly? I can’t recall how it was before I took it apart all those years ago. Don’t mean to sound daft, but my memory isn’t what it once was. I’m using a 26” 5 speed from a pickup so my original driveshaft fits nicely. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hello everyone. I am working on fabbing up a transmission crossmember for the 5 speed I am putting in. The question I have is; how far should the shifter point come through the floor into the car? Or, is it a better question to ask; how level should the engine be front to back? If anyone has pictures, that would be great! Thanks!
  9. Well...I need to sit down and load pictures. Rest assured, there’s been progress. Just gotta catch up with documentation.
  10. I love reading your updates, Mike. It’s a reminder to get after mine and get it reassembled. Thanks!
  11. Hi Mike! The progress is is awesome! I’m enjoying following along. I was wondering about the vacuum pump. Why did you go this route? (If you mentioned why, I missed it or have forgotten...my memory hasn’t gotten better as I get older.) My Diesel LandCruiser has a vacuum pump mounted on the back of the alternator for the vacuum needs of the truck. Thanks!
  12. Will do! When I compare the L20B block to the Z22 block, I see that the dipstick location will be identical between the 2 blocks when its drilled and installed. I should be able to get to it this week, I'll keep it all updated.
  13. That's the plan! I think that I have it sorted out in my mind now. Just gotta drill it out!
  14. Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what I was thinking. That perspective is deceiving as the dipstick will run right into that casting. Weird. For interest sake, I compared an L20B and the casting is different at the end of those girdles. There is no triangular piece off each side. Time to take the plunge and drill it out.
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