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My First 510, Any Ratsun Advice?


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Hello fellow ratsun readers,
I just bought a 1968 Datsun 510 wagon for $550, the condition is pretty decent in my opinion .
The bad: i think it needs a whole new wiring harness, so car doesn't start, needs new front fenders, and has a hole on the driver side floor pan(looks like the guy cut it for some reason) and a small one on the passenger side(not that big of a deal). And hatch is somewhat messed up but decent.

The good: besides the the front fenders and the front floor pans being a little rusted out, the rear floor pans all the way to the back are perfect and chassis is perfect and body is perfect. Also has a rebuilt engine L16.

My goal is to restore it and get it started. I already took off all the seats and interior (starting inside out) and I also took off the hatch. So I'm gonna try to post some pictures, let me know what you guys think?

Thx for taking your time to read this, appreciate it





Hopefully I posted it right

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I Would trace out the wires ans clean them.

Get it started? not hard to figure out if the wires are good.

Ignition ON power to coil

Start wire. bypassisng coil and the ON position tothe ballast . 12volts


get carb to squirt gas

set the valve lash



drain gas and get a new fuel filter



therse cars are simple.

I'll see what I can do, But I'm pretty sure it needs new wires because when I touch some they just disintegrate in my fingures haha.

Also the fuel lines weren't connected. The guy had it connected to a Powerade bottle.

The car doesn't even make a noise when you switch the ignition.

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Even though I would only pay about 2 two 3 hundred for rhese cars back in the day I'll give you $600. All day for that one not running. Welcome to the forum. Love your Goon enjoy her.

Hahaha nah man this car is going to the grave with me. I love these cars my goal/passion is to buy and learn how to restore these type of cars and maybe sell some of them but not this one. This is like my first love <3

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being a 68 and a wagon the harness is different thaN THE COMMON sedan 70-72 series


brittle doesnt mean is cant work to get started.

I seen alot of cars go bad cause people think they can get a wiring kit and the thing just goes in. It dont!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright kinda inspiring, I'll get on it.

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Like I said ck for power from the batter to key switchout to the coil.

Most times its just corrossion issue. bad fuses that look good.reseat clean ect....

once you get power to the coil

ck for power at starter

after that its Motor

What he said.


Make sure you go through things like ground connections, I found out most of my Goons head light issues where part related to a relay for the headlights. It can be carefully took apart and the aera whear it makes ground can be cleaned up and reassembled and wala my lights where unreal.











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I've done the whole harness thing in 510 goon. My harness was 2/3 yellow wire and 1/3 red wire it seemed when i got my car. So I rewired it with a 720 harness. I have possibly 100 hours just in the wiring.


If you have a mostly intact harness, just repair the sections that need it. You can depin connectors and install whole new sections of wiring if necessary.

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