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  1. Ohhh s***** bro, that sounds awesome! I'll try to make it this Sunday
  2. Alright kinda inspiring, I'll get on it.
  3. Hahaha nah man this car is going to the grave with me. I love these cars my goal/passion is to buy and learn how to restore these type of cars and maybe sell some of them but not this one. This is like my first love <3
  4. I'll be posting pictures of my progress in this post.
  5. I'll see what I can do, But I'm pretty sure it needs new wires because when I touch some they just disintegrate in my fingures haha. Also the fuel lines weren't connected. The guy had it connected to a Powerade bottle. The car doesn't even make a noise when you switch the ignition.
  6. Yea been up there for a while, the guy kept lowering the price.
  7. Alright I got you. You'll be the first I tell
  8. Yea me too because it's different, but I was thinking about taking them off.
  9. I figured it out, it doesn't let me do it on my iPad for some reason
  10. Hello fellow ratsun readers, I just bought a 1968 Datsun 510 wagon for $550, the condition is pretty decent in my opinion . The bad: i think it needs a whole new wiring harness, so car doesn't start, needs new front fenders, and has a hole on the driver side floor pan(looks like the guy cut it for some reason) and a small one on the passenger side(not that big of a deal). And hatch is somewhat messed up but decent. The good: besides the the front fenders and the front floor pans being a little rusted out, the rear floor pans all the way to the back are perfect and chassis is perfect and body is perfect. Also has a rebuilt engine L16. My goal is to restore it and get it started. I already took off all the seats and interior (starting inside out) and I also took off the hatch. So I'm gonna try to post some pictures, let me know what you guys think? Thx for taking your time to read this, appreciate it https://imgur.com/gallery/rOyHp https://imgur.com/gallery/4lgAC https://imgur.com/gallery/Uwi0h https://imgur.com/gallery/bWWGF Hopefully I posted it right
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