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Planet of the Datsuns POTD - May 21 - north Seattle, 2017


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We're bringing back POTD and moving north a bit to Seattle


Magnuson Park

6500 Sand Point Way Northeast

Seattle, WA 98115


Casual car show, meet, hangout, and BBQ


No fee, no prizes, no waiting in line! Bring your Datsun or Nissan and stop by north parking lot at 12:00 noon on Sunday. Bring food too!


There are multiple entrances to the park. The address you find online will vary from what I listed here but it will get you to the same general area.

I think the entrance at NE 65th street is the most direct and easiest path to follow.













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Seems pretty complicated,,, 


And for the record if the Jersey shore chick is there again looking for help ,, imma just keep on driving.


Well uncomplicate it then. 


Just make sure to honk and yell at us so we know it was you driving by and we will follow. 

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I got brakes all on,,,  now i only got a couple more things to button up to get  the ole Z ready for this


You're making good progress man! Much better than last month.


Let me know if you need any cheap parts from my parts car here before I crush it...



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