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  1. willz

    Accelerator Pedal Sleeve Replacement?

    Take a look at the thread in my sig towards the end I talk about using bike cable and kinda show how to do it
  2. willz

    Hakobird?...Uh oh the 510 is the next Honda jk jk.

    I like it, I'd like it more if they stuffed a robello L28 in there with triple webers
  3. willz

    What did you do to your truck today?

    It's crazy. Tough at times, but absolutely worth every hair pulling moment. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
  4. willz

    What did you do to your truck today?

    The Wife and the kids got me some cool "swag" to wear.... and since it's got truck stuff on it.....
  5. willz

    Spook/airdam/lip spoiler for 620???

    I dig those flares
  6. willz

    1977 Datsun 620 King Cab "KARASHI"

    I don't think I recall seeing a non-sealed beam light that fits
  7. willz

    74' 620 Stopped Suddenly While Driving

    Can you jump the starter with the battery and have it turn over? Sounds like your ignition switch took a crap
  8. willz

    Fiberglass 620 dash

    I emailed tony, letting him know people are interested and that I'd ask him before starting my own parts
  9. willz

    Datsun 620 door panels - standard vs deluxe

    Pretty sure there aren't any holes, just the normal snaps. You can actually remove the upper section from the deluxe doors I believe and wrap them around
  10. Take it to a machine shop and ask them how much they'd have to take out of it for it to be flat. Then go from there.
  11. willz

    topline oil pump opinions

    The m152 and m111 are the same rotor, just different part # for whatever reason. I'd have to get some more of them to take some more measurements.
  12. willz

    topline oil pump opinions

    It seems like the pump is identical in the KA motor and the L28ET auto Good info here http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/98987-l6-oil-pump-differences/
  13. willz

    topline oil pump opinions

    if that's the case (the KA24e oil pump working in the L20) you would think that the L28ET oil pump would also work for the L20 since it's used on the KA24e turbo applications and people using oil coolers and such on NA motors.
  14. willz

    topline oil pump opinions

    Are there upgraded oil pumps for the Ka24e motors? I was told the pump out of a turbo z car was the pump to go with If I needed the extra oil pressure. (Ka24e-t)

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