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jovial_cynic's Welded Figurines

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Normally my figurines are stick figures (sheet metal and nails), and I charge $10 for a figurine, plus a few bucks for props (swords, hats, instruments, etc). Larger figurines cost more on account of the time I put into it. That Cthulhu figurine sold for $80, and it's the highest priced single figurine I've made so far.


Here's an example of a simple figurine:




By itself, I would charge $10 for the figurine, and $4 for the props (hat, hook, sword), and then I always charge $6 for shipping, so we're looking at about $20. And when somebody wants two figurines, I charge $6 for additional figurines. The cost of props stays the same, though.


So the following set would cost $16 for the figurines themselves, $5 for the props (hat, hook, two swords), and $6 for shipping. So that'd be $27 for the set.



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hey I like your stuff

do you need some more materials???

I have some bolts,nails,sheet metal, some bearings out of a garbage truck trans, and some stuff thats just plain weird.

I just posted some stuff in the for sale, and couldn't remember who made the figures. then i saw this thread

KISMET they say;)


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dwnshfter - let me know which ones you *actually* want, and i'll throw a quote your way. :)


For reference, the clockwork heart was $45 before shipping. That one was a bit of work. But the standard people-sized figurines are a bit cheaper. Ash is an $18 figurine, Atlas is $19, the chef is $21. Shipping is $6, and is only applied once.


Atlas is the only one currently in stock; I'd have to re-create the rest of them, since those were commissioned orders.

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