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  1. it is toyota front suspension . all u have to do is flip a few things and it will work.. so i still have all the stock stuff
  2. i doubt there is enough weight in the ass end of the truck to taco the upper arms but i am going to build some DOM adjustable uppers just for looks...im trying to update pictures cuz the back end has changed alot from then too...
  3. haha well its acually for a freind of a freind..im going to be putting into a 75 280z lol so i know it will fit with some modifications..that i am not worried about but id hate to get it done and have him waiting on the wiring lol...i know it can be figured out but not by me lol ....
  4. is there a diagram for a vg30dett? i browser threw and seen no information pleas elet me know thaks it would be helpfull
  5. ggzilla i do know what a true unibody is but thats the best way to dicribe it.. if i called it elcamnio style or ranchero style it just wouldnt sound cool cuz both of thos cars r not as cool lol and technically the body is one piece now.... well i dont think my pc likes photobucket cuz i cant seem to uplaod the new pics ill try to get them up soon ....
  6. <dl><dt><a href="http://claspics.com/b119dnc/h9ompili/1353271186-221.jpg.php"><img src="http://img.claspics.com/b119dnc/h9ompili/1353271186-221.jpg_m.jpg" border="0" /></a></dt></dl> <p><dl><dt><a href="
  7. well its been along time and made alot of changes on my truck.some i do regret. i got into a pinch and had to sell the ca and went back 2 a ka but owell and i decided to ditch the rhd idea because ill have the space again...redid the set up on the backhalf agian n still needs more work heres some pics hope u enjoy
  8. Update.. i just picked up a 240sx right hand drive steering rack....im going to start mock up soon hopfully.. might get the truck on the rack this weekend
  9. yea if i can do it clean without too much damage
  10. so i got this dash out of a 1953 chevy parts car i had layning around and it fits preety close... so if i can swap everything over to the pas side without screwing it up im going to run it...the window line is very close and the width is almost perfect
  11. here is the long waited update. so nest things next i will be going right hand drive.. because i canot clear anything on the driver side.... what a shame...lol
  12. i got the engine in and cleaned and painted not much other progress.ill post pics soon. yes it is a 240sx rearend with 300zx rear hubs...to convert the 5 lug
  13. well i found some gaskets today... sold my ka the other day. might be a couple weeks till i start working on the truck again though because were so busy at the shop i had to move it outside in the yard o nooooo... so ill be working on the engine cleaning painting an re gasketing maybe ill post pics of that
  14. update so im having a hard time finding gaskets for the new engine.. i need to find some so i can re seal it paint it and start test fitting ....im hoping to test fit on sat... crossing my fingers
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