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New Wheels and Tires!! WOOT!


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What an insult to the guy who polished them.


Why would it be an insult to the PO?  He had them polished and didn't like the look on his car, so he sold them.  I bought them, they're mine, they're in great shape and i can do what I want with them.  It's no insult to the guy before me.   That would be like saying doing any engine swap in any car is an insult to the owner before you.   

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i got these cheaper than I would have paid for a broken down set that needed a whole lot more work.  So, in the end... if anyone wants to pay me good money to get some nice shiny ones, then I can then go back out and try to find some broken down ones to make ya'll feel better than feel free to PM me with your offer.


Other wise, to each their own ;) 

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if you saw it in person you'd understand.   It's just way TOO much for the kind of car it is.  

It's also the reason why the PO didn't keep them, it just didn't fit.


Besides, I plan on blacking out all the chrome on the car anyways, friggin hate the chrome look.  

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What's so hard to understand?


Cheap, available, not looking how he wants, so he's changing it.


It has nothing to do with how polished they are, that's just happenstance.


If they were fresh out of the powder coater, no one would care, so why does polished matter so much?

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If they were fresh out of the powder coater, no one would care, so why does polished matter so much?


I don't think anybody actually DOES care... just trying to figure out why the guy holding the light bulb in the socket is running around in a circle, rather than just standing still and turning his wrist. But you're right..




"To each his own".


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