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New Wheels and Tires!! WOOT!


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well, seeing as i hate chrome anything with a serious passion, that won't be an option.   I'm planning on blacking out all the chrome on the car anyways, even door handles, and body trim.


The door trim (the long chrome and black rubber strips along the sides of the car) are going bye bye as well, when I have the paint touched up I'm having my body guy remove all that and fill in the holes.  The only B210 emblem i'm keeping on the car it is going to be the trunk one, and I already have a NOS perfect emblem for it in storage. 


Its just gonna be orange and a matte black for my B210


It's my vision man!!  YOU GOTTA SEE THE END PRODUCT!!   ;)

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Hell yea, after looking at car and thinking about all your doing, its gonna jam. send us some pics as you go. I'm with you on this. No room for haters


lol thanks man and yeah I'll post up some picks as soon as i get them done.   I've decided to go with plastidipping them a nice matte black.  


For some stupid reason I was short 3 of the mag wheel lugs so I need to get those replaced before I can black out the wheels.  I had to order them from my local O'Reilly auto parts, so they'll be in before the weekend.  

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They look quite nice.  I would try to tone them down a bit, too.  I'm not generally opposed to shiny stuff, but I agree with you in this case.


I'm probably going to end up blacking them out, they're way to chrome/bright looking for my tastes. 

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