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  1. Hey gene. This is Lance from Albuquerque the. I need a l20b pulley. Call me at 505-331-0650.

  2. I Could be wrong. I haven’t seen it in a while. Let me adjust my rocker arms and see what’s up. Thanks guys
  3. Well the head says a12 but it does have a visible cam and rocker arms
  4. I acquired acquired an a112 head assuming 1800 now I I have an l20 block but it has a lot of mileses on it and. The other is brand new rebuilt. Willl this fit my block?The problem with last owner of motor had this a12 motor in his truck but he didn’t have the water jackets in between the head and block so he water escaped into the block again and got into the oil and he never fixed. He gave me the whole motor. The top end is like brand new rebuiuilt. I kept it all in tack. Will this fit my l20b? It’s aa 79 620.
  5. where can I get this air dam. I don’t give a dam. I want this on mine also. What’s the name of the Japanese website
  6. Thanks for the reply mike
  7. Well, I wasn’t specific enough but that’s what I meant to say. Thanks Mike for clearing that up
  8. I just had the same problem and it would clunk as I drove mostly when slowing down and it happened to be the carrier bearing in the drive shaft so I replaced it and no more clunk.
  9. I HAVE A 79 king cab l20b with a 5 speed. It has all been de smogged and legal in New Mexico. My concern is that 5 th bear really doesn’t seem to far difference than the 4th. Seems to whine out. I wish it had a further going and then it would be quieter at the higher speeds. Out here the norm on the freeways are 80-85 around town and 85 -95 outside of town. I cruise descent at 85 but after that is another story. Sometimes have to do 100+ just to get out of the way
  10. It must of worked we never heard back.
  11. That looks great! I had the same issue with the 5 price flare and spoiler. One side fits great and other side of spoiler is all whacked. And visor doesn’t fit worth a shit also.
  12. Since I’m not too familiar with fabrications as this what is the blue stuff he is applying?
  13. That was very cool. Thanks for showing us diy’s
  14. That is so true as they flock around me wherever my truck goes also
  15. Yea he told me not Napa motor and 2 wheel drive. Hell with it, I’m going to get tomorrow after work. Offer him 300.00 and off the property,,,back to being busy.thanks guys post pics when I’m gets here. Oh I’ll be in Tucson for10 days plumbing another Denny’s restaurant. Driving my 620 also. Let’s get together!,,,,
  16. Ok, there’s this man not to far from me selling a 1980 720 truck for 400.00 and he says there’s water in engine. Probably cracked head. Anyways my interest isn’t there. It’s a 5 speed tranny and rear end im after. Along with little parts here and there. Is this still an l20b?whats the differences with rear end ratios and will tranny bolt right in? What can I expect to use off this truck? Remembering my truck has no smog devices at all. Definitely probably fit up back leafs. Lower control arms and such.
  17. A guy here in New Mexico was selling a Mazda rx7 rear end on craigslist in which he stated he was going to install on his roadster. Has this been done before? Would this work on a 620? What benefits would we gain as I own a 79 620 kc. Also, just a question which doesn’t relate to this subject. When switching manifolds, where can a Weber 32/36 carb gasket be bought?
  18. Got to give it to you. That's a lot of work and looks good.
  19. How about a crank pulley for my 620? Or some really bad ass inside lock things on door panel? Window cranks would work.
  20. Pictures of your hook up would help me understand more as this is some what I'm having problems with. I'm not to much mechanically inclined but am willing to expand my knowledge.
  21. I would like one of those air dams also. If anyone knows where I can get one, please get ahold of me
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