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Datsunvilles next project up to create something 69

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Been working a grip lately in my painting business and out of town a lot.


A friend and his woman have been living at my apartment and shop, so we made a deal while I'm out of town, they make another car turn key.

We have a bunch of parts from over ordering stuff and swapmeet buys.


Here's how it started. I get a call from Farmer, "keeper got a 510 for ya the guy might want to sell it" I received pics, and it ago.

(thanks Farmer)

The car is a factory paint 69 2 door complete. Cool, while working in the bay, I decided to make the trip from there to Bakersfield and do it all in a long day.

Started the day at 3:30am, Sac to San Carlos. Worked 6-8 hours, then headed to Bakersfield, Picked up car. Then back to Sac. Got back to Sac at 2am, what a fucking day to say the least.





Plans are to replace, ball joints, all tie rods, control arm bushings, complete breaks with shortened struts and coilover kit, cut the rear springs, clean the gas tank. replace all the gas, water, and break lines and no paint work, just buff it and wax it. With a l16/4 speed weber, elec dizzy.

Back at the shop




Engine pulled, engine bay cleaned check




Half shafts were toast so we found a set and installed them



New stuff for the build







New stuff installed



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She runs, drove it for the first time and thought to myself, I could drive this one. Ya get picky as ya get older.


Still needs love and we will see if she sells or not. If not the upgrading progress will continue.

Funny how cars still get put together, even when others don't come around.







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If u look close the pics are premature just like my ejaculation :)

The seats are held n with vise grips but nobody mentioned it. My time has turned to coupes for a min. If I get an interested party we will button her up.

I love low dimes but this car rides great as it is. I'll let the new owner decide.

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The new owner has been putting in sometime. Comes up to the shop on the weekends and works out areas of the car he wanted to make better.





He decided he wanted to keep the driver door, but the inner door structure was so badly bent. we figured like my louvered hood we wood just change it out.

Sitting around the shop we found a perfect inner and smashed to hell outter donor door. There will be some hammering and dolly work, but the car other then the hood will have a uniform patina.




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