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"Evil Santa "


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   For a while now I've tried to share my datsun addiction with a good friend . And he finally took a chance and picked up a couple of great trucks . Both of these truck were getting ready to be parted or crushed . 


but now they will see life again 

1st truck "Evil Santa" is












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Nothing a good wash or under pressure can't fix. Good job Denmark.


Thanks big man !  but I cant take credit for saving this sweet truck , I will play a part of getting it back on the road . My friend is the savior of these 2 very clean trucks.


 This truck is a perfect example of how trucks that could of been parted out and left for dead will see life again.  

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This is a solid looking truck.  Keep us posted on the progress.



this is a near perfect truck for a light resto.  


One of the things i thought that was cool, the spring loaded gas cap door , I remember someone on here trying to find one , i had never see one before and both of these trucks have them . and they are both in great shape . 

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I like it, a gas cap on the valve cover. :lol:

Was he told why the red/white one wasn't running?


i knew you would like that Wayno 


the back story i have got so far was that the truck came from an old service station south of me about an hour. the old time passed anr the truck has just sat , it was tagged last in 2000. So it been sitting for a while .

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here is truck #2 , also a 72 this truck is a 99% rust free truck as well , floors are solid , some small bubbling on the kick but thats it , it is a 1600/4spd truck . unchipped windshield , it does have a little fogging . this truck actually has 2 gas tanks , it was a olive green truck as you can see .





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