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The Road Dog


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This is the newest datsun in the family , I know , I know , I need to get my head cchh cchecked out ! There is clearly some OCD tendencies happenin here . 


In my recent need to go in a different direction every month i needed something with leg room , something datsun , and something cheap ! 


Meet , The Road dog , 1981 datsun kingcab , z22, working a/c , 5 spd , 2wd, 123,000 . the truck has been sittin for a while , it needed a slave to be a runner driver , As i said needed ,, this good ol boy that goes by jester put a new one in the other day,

thanks jes 

  the floors have rust , the windshield is crap, the cat. has been stolen, other than that it seems to run out fine , and it is cleaning up pretty good , it does have typical datsun randomness but i am cool with that.


plans : much lower, different wheels , floor patch & carpet , exhaust , wax job , new windshield , and a few other little mods and i will be able to put some freeway miles on this datsun ..



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Nice score.  I have an 86 KC same color.  Love your new wheels what are they?


Thanks , they are welds , i have an addiction to the silly things , i have 3 other pairs . scorpio v , i have sidewiders , super singles , stone crushers.. i guess it a love it or hate it sytle . i will usually sell the truck before the wheels , somehow i end up keeping them ..

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looks good. Looking forward to see what happens to it next.

I'm pretty jealous of your fleet!



You say that now , but if i gave you the bill for all of my up keep you might think different . hell i am on first name bases with at least 20 different parts suppliers just in my town . . that gets costly , but i like variety !

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I pulled a cluster from an 86 kc recently at our local Pull A Part for $40, including the tach and clock. If you can find one that way, that seems like a fair deal t me. I have seen the clock offered for $100 on ebay. As if. 

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I usually put those in the top rack of the dishwasher.   B)  Looking good brotha.  :thumbup:



thanks , when i see you on the 2nd in wilsonville you will be not think this is the same beater you put a slave cyl. in . And you would be amazed what some good gas will do , should have the exhaust fixed, bumper gone , lowered 3 inches, windows tinted, windshield , done by friday.

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I have a black one with no gauges.  I will check my manuals (1980 1985 1986)to see if there is any difference in the wiring.  What year did the cluster with the tac and the clock come out of?


This is what is common to me.



I have never seen a cluster that had the yellow and green on the tack and the temp before.  I am interested in buying it if it is for sale.IMAG4109_zps1lsdbmd9.jpg

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