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  1. Gradyfest

    Forum newb and his 34K original miles '80 Datsun 720 4x4

    What's up everybody. I don't really recall my last post. Must've been on a heater that night, but I'm not mad at any of you. I'm actually really grateful. I haven't been on here much because the Datsun was no longer a daily driver and it just sat in the sun for a few months. I still washed it but it was hard to just see it sitting out there so now it resides in an actual stored covered garage. I think I'm going to non-op it, pour some oil down the spark plug holes and forget about it for a few decades or until gasoline is being phased out, then maybe sell it. I'm sure it will grow in value more than the cash I bought it for sitting in the bank. That's about it... Thanks for everything!!!
  2. Gradyfest

    Forum newb and his 34K original miles '80 Datsun 720 4x4

    So it's been a while. I have so much stuff to update on topics I've started. All good info. But... This is the pretty much the only original topic started by me that ol' King Rat hasn't locked, WTF bruh? No new members with ideas welcome? I've been respectful and have delt with the trolls on the site very well I thought. Regardless, all I've done is try and spread learned information to the masses like this sight has done for me and be kind in the process. The Datsun is still making a noise but I've got her diagnosed I think, (I'd love to talk about it on the thread I started regarding it, nope it's locked; why?) I have stuff to talk about on it and ask for help, someone in the future might even learn from it all; but no, it's locked and what do I do? Start a new topic on it and hope dumb ass trolls don't get me locked out being jackasses with nothing more but ignorant I'm a badass and dont question my authorities on this site comments. No progress will ever happen with everyone stuck in the same ways here. I love this site and the help it and its awesome generous members have gave me. Trying to do the same. Go ahead and padlock this one to Mike. I'll focus on the other forums I'm a member of with my other vehicles of and bid y'all adieu! Nothing to learn from me, you obviously know it all partners. Keep the Datsuns on the road friends! I'll keep honking at y'all.
  3. Gradyfest

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    I love that video. I like how it symbolically has the Subaru STi (Ken Blocks old sponsor) in it that he does doughnuts around. I own a 2005 STi, hands down best year made to date.
  4. Gradyfest

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    You have hundred dollar bills sitting there! How did you get so many Super Treasure Hunts? That green Charger Daytona I want so bad.
  5. Gradyfest

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    So much kool stuff! That custom red 620 with the topper is amazing! Those two '79 Fords with the toppers caught my eye as well. Somehow growing up talking shit on Ford trucks I own two now and love them both dearly. I have a topper on one and love having a truck bed to put stuff in that's out of the elements. Not many topper or RV truck Hot Wheels.
  6. Gradyfest

    Don't drive with a bubbled tire

    How fast are you driving in this parade? What do they look like, cracks? I think you'd be good. Having a running moving Model A would be the shit.
  7. Gradyfest

    Don't drive with a bubbled tire

    Anyone ever see videos of old spare tires blowing up a trunk? Pretty gnarly stuff. I have a truck that the previous owner never drove and kept 20+ year tires on it in the parked in the sun. One blew up sitting at rest. I've had just the tread come off going 55 on a highway before, did a little unintentional lane changing. Jacked the metal up around it pretty bad also.
  8. Gradyfest

    Ticking from under truck while driving. Help!

    But coolant filters are technical and a great idea. Insomniacs however... What the hell good info can be found in there?
  9. Gradyfest

    Ticking from under truck while driving. Help!

    Lol. You basterds! Now don't go getting all my threads padlocked gentleman. But there is nowhere else to talk about coolant filters now though...
  10. A definition of religions though... Controlling and stupid.
  11. I'm agnostic. I believe in a higher power, but it's undefined.
  12. Gradyfest

    Coolant filters

    Ah man. Don't padlock it please, we'll get along now. I promise. I'll take full responsibility, it's NOT the coolant filters fault. If you do I'll just have to start a new one when I'm done getting everything together to put DIY photos up on the Datsun.
  13. Gradyfest

    Coolant filters

    You can't speak for everybody. I know for a fact people from all over the world read this stuff and never join or log in. Just comes up in search engines when they are interested in something. I think that's how I found this hell hole actually. And there has got to be some timid members that agree with me that read this and don't say anything. What I'm saying is... There is other more smarter people like me out there as well.

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