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speedo in Km per hour


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I have a 1970 521 With a J15 in Australia, currently the Speedo is in MPH, I have seen Speedos in Km per hour (that's how we roll in a Aus) and I was looking for what where in the world I might find one.

Also the Speedo cable would that need to be changed?

Will the motor make a difference to the speedo cable?





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For a perfect 521 fit, you would need one from a country that has Km speedometer those years. Japan has been metric since 1885 so all their 521s will have a Km speedo as would the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India and best of all New Zealand in '69. I'd ask New Zealand for one.

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Meanwhile, just multiply the MPH by 0.6 and you will be safely under the posted Metric Speed limit.  The 100 MPH will then fake at 60 KPH and will actually be 62.5 KPH.  In 1962 My wife couldn't understand why I was driving 35MPH on the first leg of the Tokaido Freeway when the posted speed limit was 60 KPH.

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It's ok I'm the one he sent the parts to.


So what do we think about Speedo cable gearing?

Have they just painted the numbers on the gauges or are the Km ph cables geared differently?


The face plate number printing is the difference, all else is the same. I wonder if the 521 parts book lists the metric and english face plates?

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There are two different instruments in a speedometer. 

There is the speedometer, you can just put a "90" KPH where the "55" MPH would be.  Other speeds, same idea.

Then there is the odometer.  It is a "counter".  It is solidly geared to the rear wheels, so that when you travel a mile, the tenths wheel in the odometer turns one revolution.  If the "instrument" cluster is a KPH one, the odometer would have to be turning significantly faster, because a kilometer is much shorter than a mile.

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