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Lowered trucks are for sissies (Or how i learned to stop scraping and love the bog)

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What was that 55 miles of muding??


Why wasn't I invited!



You know where i live you bastard.  :devil:   It was just behind those tall trees behind garage.  Swamp goes back about 600 feet and water is standing about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 feet year almost round back there,,, but that 2wd sumbitch could never make it half way through that shit.


We do have two sets of those rear chewer tires................ And we will let you go first ole buddy.

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Nope,,,  YOU drive 521

    she drives the pathfinder out,  to tow you in.  


,, pussy


The pathfinder would have a helluva time making some of those turns,, as the trees are very close together in spots and that makes the corners very treacherous,, for non dented vehicles.

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I love both lifted and lowered trucks and have owned both. But lowered just seems more practical for daily use. I don't NEED to go off roading, and the lowered center gravity improves ON road handling a lot! Plus it is easier to get in and out of and easier to work on the engine or anything else under the hood, easier to wash, etc.


But that white Frontier makes me sad. I used to own an 01 Frontier crew cab shortbed in electric blue. Lifted 3" on 33" x 10.5" BFG all terrain KO tires. It looked so mean and cool, I really miss that truck!

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