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The "Never Say Never Again" 510 wagon...

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Yeah, I know I said I was building my "last 510 ever". Sue me...    :rofl:


Seems a '72 wagon found it's way into my possession today. Plans are minimal. Roadworthy, mild drop, better wheels, drive the shit out of it.   B)






Got dark as we were unloading it, so no better oics until Saturday. Stay tuned...    :thumbup:

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Maybe I should name the Coupe's thread "You only live twice 1200 Coupe".


Good idea.   :rofl:





No work done, but a few more oics for the lolz... 








Grungy, but not too rusty. And it runs pretty good. Needs a matchbox dizzy ASAP...





I was wrong about the year apparently...   :rofl:





Dash is in decent shape, and has the evil dealer-installed ARA air conditioning...





No paint code, of course. Guess I won't paint it then...   :rofl:






Rocking some AM. Keeping it real.   B)



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I assume this one will not be IRS since you are doing minimal mods on it. 


Good assumption.   :rofl:


But if my other wagon IRS swap goes smoothly, who knows...   B)



That means you will still have one 510 goon rear axle that needs a good home.


Possibly. We shall see.   B)


Tim dibs the one coming out of the '68 for his 1200, but he may not be using it. I'll keep you posted.   :thumbup:

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Whatcha gonna do with them steel wheels and hub caps?


Probably throw them away.   :rofl:


I probably have like 3 sets of these, 2 sets of '69 caps, a set of dog dish caps, and a set of pristine 610 caps. Never use them on anything, but can't bring myself to scrap them...


I'm thinking that evil A/C might not be so evil compared to the hot Texas summers..


They don't work well at all here. That's the problem. Just a tease...   ^_^


I've done AC installs on a few 510s. Never end up using them much, but they do help the resale here in heatwave country...   B)

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  • 4 months later...

Welp, some plans changed...   :rofl:


The new owner took the glass out in preparation for paint, found some rust under almost all the seals, so he started grinding out the rust, welding in fresh metal, and priming over those spots...






Then the new owner found an early 60s Beetle he wanted more than this, so I bought it back...   :rofl:





Got it running again, and drove it around for a bit. Kinda weird driving a car with no windshield.   ^_^


Made some space inside (because no glass) and put it away for now...





Some time soon we will finish the body work on it, put a quickie paint job on it, and have some fun...   :cool:


Thinking maybe replace all the rear glass with sheet metal and make sort of a "shop van" out of it? We shall see...

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