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  1. I know it says Craigslist but just found this on Facebook market, 72 240 for 750 cash? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/620279125427842/
  2. That, right there, you stole my idea and dam does that look bad a$$. I want to mod the taillights on my 210 (B310 US ver) but I wanted to keep everything I was going to use to be retro parts from other Nissan vehicles. Looked at the Skyline model taillights and got a pair from the 72/73 Skyline but then I saw those 70 model Camaro Taillights and was like...Yes...this will look so freakin awesome. I need your parts list, your pulling off stuff I want to do my 210, keep up the good work man!
  3. :< Sorry to hear that TSK, I can't vouch for it after it left my hands but it had cut electronics? I didn't cut anything when I pulled it tho that could have explained the slight dieseling it'd do when I shut it off. The only wiring I messed with was that one yellow spark plug wire I had to make after I pulled one of the old one's apart doing a tune up. I do hope things starting working better for ya tho.
  4. Looking good, did you figure out what you needed to make the chamber plates work?
  5. If you can help me find an 200sx rear end with the dics brake, you can have the one I got under it. XD
  6. Yeah, TSK now has 70% of my 210's old/new drivetrain. At this point I should have asked if he wanted to buy the whole dang car. XD Looking good on the progress tho TSK, I hope all those parts serves your 210 has well as it did mine.
  7. Everyone knows those are trick questions and here are your answers, A) It's easy not to check out a hot chick when your gay or dead. B ) Walking on water to Japan is not a problem if your God. C) Finding Unicorns to ride anywhere is easy after taking a hit of LSD. D) If you just...maybe if you...well, fuck, I got nothing...
  8. Hey John, you going to weld up any holes in the engine bay? I wanna see which ones so I can clean mine up before I put the engine back in it.
  9. Damn...that sucks big hairy donkey balls, that setup is hard to find over here. Sorry about the set back, hopefully the Japanese karma god of cars with strike down whomever did that to ya.
  10. That's the engine and trans outta my 210! You better believe it's clean, it only had 38k on it when I bought the car and I broke just over 40k when I pulled it. Glad to see it's going to help another 210 back to the road.
  11. Man I wish I didn't live so far away, I'd love to come out and learn a thing or two from you and the crew. Take wait to see how this one turns out.
  12. Dam keeper, you just take these sad Datsuns no one would even think about giving a chance too and you breath new life into them. I wish I could bring my 210 to you guys for some work. I know it'd get done the right way! Keep it up man, love your work.
  13. If you don't already have the parts, get with me by pm some time, I'm dropping the front end out from under mine and going with something different.
  14. Hey, you going to be doing the 280zx upgrade in the front?
  15. Hey, a game about Datsuns! The only thing I've seen so far is Spintires with a badass modded off road 510. There needs to be more Datsun love in games.
  16. Yisss, tastey, tastey sidedrifts! I wanted to do that sooo bad but I'm going resto mod on mine and it's getting a ca18DET. I am a little envious on the fact ya got a chrome rear bumper, that is the only piece I am missing for mine, but the JDM round headlight grill with the factory fog lights I got makes up for it. Have you thought up a paint scheme yet?
  17. Hoi, looks like I need to get my ass in gear and get my 210 (310) back in shape. Good to see that coupe finally found itself a good home. What plans you got in mind for the engine in that thing?
  18. I've just been hunting for the parts for my 210, I pick up a rad and con from a Juke and the steering rack from a Cube, now I just need to find a rear end. :ninja: Still here, always lurking! Yeah, I can see the pics of the van just fine. You guys got a good amount done on that bay boy.
  19. I still cannot see any pic's on any of your posts John.
  20. Um...yeah, I know that but if you really wanna get technical about, Fiat is own by FCA US LLC aka Chrysler Motors which in fact also owns Daimler-Benz AG which make Mercedes. Now that I have to explain this...I tear these cars down all dam day long for a living. The point I was trying to make was I'll take a Fiat over ANYTHING German any dam day of the week and if you know how to work on ANYTHING German, you have my respect. That is all, carry on. =3
  21. Fixed that one for ya. Welcome to the Forums, good looking truck ya got there. If there had been no pic's, I was going to ask just what in the hell Silver was. I had pet ferret named Silver and those little bastards live a long time too.
  22. Those would be mags wheels Mike. God lord, that poor car. My dad have two Chevette's, a two and four door. They were good little cars, got us from point A to B and the a/c's in them still worked...tho it took about an hour for it actual cool the dam car down on a summer day.
  23. Very true but I was referring to an imported engine that one out of Pulsar which is actual what the US version of this car started out as in Japan. Yeah that is right, The KA24 out of an altima or the SR20 out of an Sentra R are still plenty to have. Didn't think of those when I typed that. XD
  24. Just get a FWD CA18det and swap it, would be the first one I think ever in the whole world and it'd make that car one hell of a sleeper!
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