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  1. The Flagship Detroit. The Oldest flying DC-3 in the world. The Foundation loves bringing her to Denton because they always make money on rides, and I have a hanger big enough for her to spend a couple of nights indoors. I got to hang out in the cockpit jump seat for most of the flight.
  2. You and I have a 1200 Sedan and Dimlight65 doesn't. We all have a Coupe. I think he is just jealous that he is not a member of the Exclusive club.
  3. The Charlie Bravo Aviation calendar. Got one hanging in my office.
  4. Really nice 280Z in Denton TX
  5. For the low, low price of $250,000, you get this cool analog clock included.
  6. I stopped in my former hometown of Kerrville to visit old friends Joey and Amy. They operate Kerrville Aviation. I haven't been there in many years, but we have kept in touch. Kerrville always has had cool old airplanes, but I was floored by what I found. A flying Grumman J2F Duck. A few more than 600 built and MAYBE 3 or 4 left flying on in the whole world!!! The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum only has pictures. This is the cool thing about Aviation. A couple of times in your life you will actually see a living Unicorn. An object of legend that is not supposed to exist. Yet there it is, right in front of you. You can walk up and touch it. It is a once in a lifetime experience when it happens.
  7. I thought that they looked different but I am not that familiar with old Chevy's. Good catch. I was distracted about the tailgate because the "ratty one" had an antique outboard boat motor mounted to the rear bumper. It is obvious in this picture.
  8. A pair of '57 Nomads in Denton TX. The pretty one spent his money on paint and bodywork. He started up and it sounded like a healthy, modern crate motor. The one with the patina spent his money on the engine. He started up and it set off car alarms and idled like a Pro Stock. No trailer queens here. There were on their way to the Good Guys meet at Texas Motor Speedway, about 15 miles to the south.
  9. Bentley SUV. Never seen one before. Studebaker Hawk street rod.
  10. Racer Dave installed the brake can clutch master cylinders inside the firewall on his 1200 Coupe race car. Remote reservoirs. I think he said they were off a MGB. He used to race those too.
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