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dead smell...

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I can only suggest, but when I was in the Army, we would have our annual test of our gas masks. The CS gas they used could probably cut the smell of death down real quick. Maybe an Army surplus or even a police outfitter could source it for you?

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yeah, vents under the dash, behind pretty much any panel... those little stinkers can into some strange places. I pulled a motor and tranny on a car and it had a squirrel nest in there on top of the tranny, 2 dead squirrels... mostly bone but still had some fur and skin. When I pulled the engine cover on my bros van, I found bones and some nesting of some kind, no longer recognizable stuff...


You may have to go as far as pulling the heater core... could be behind that inside the ducting, but I'd save that for last resort.

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Once you've checked all the ducting, door pockets, trunk, etc, etc.....strip out all the carpeting. Probably need to toss it. Wipe everything down with diluted Chlorox and/or ammonia....NOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! :eek: After you think the chemical cleaners have done their job and have been properly aired away, follow-up with Frebreeze.


Basically, you're trying to kill all the mold spores as well as whatever died.

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i had a real nasty smell in my 1200 and i was already gonna put new carpet in it. when i pulled the old vinyl mats out, the smell got way worse because the padding underneath was nasty and really moldy. once i pulled it out and put the carpet in the smell was gone. so you might want to look at the padding underneath your carpet or vinyl.

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Pop the hood and remove the 2 screws holding the heater air intake slotted cover in front of the windshield. It's removable [not like 64 and 65 Mustangs] and you will probably find well rotted leaves from every tree your 411 was ever within 100 yards of. If you have corrosion in the corners, now's the time to fix it, the trapped water plus rotted vegetation will leak into the insulation pads below the dash and really stink! The woven fiberglass cloth and polyester kits sold for glassing small boats works wonders on pin hole leaks in the corner of the plenum.

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I picked up a Volkswagen Polo, with a serious bad smell in it - like sour milk. I think that was why I got it cheap. Anyway, took a lot of work to get the smell out. I started with a vinegar/water solution in a spray bottle - soaked all the seat cloth and carpets, vacuumed it all out. Then a solution of carpet cleaner, vacuumed it. Let it dry in the sun completely in between. Then a real strong car perfume, sprayed all over. The car smells like a perfume shop now - real sweet.

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Wipe everything down with diluted Chlorox and/or ammonia....NOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! :eek:



LOL deff. DO NOT do that, youl get one of the following if you mix them:


a) Chlorine Gas: "The gas tears into your nasal passages, trachea, and lungs by causing massive cellular damage. Obviously, chlorine gas causes a very painful death."

b)Nitrogen Trichloride:"Nitrogen trichloride is a very toxic chemical to humans, and even if you did get close enough to ingest it, it would probably explode in your face first, as it is also a very volatile explosive. "

c)Hydrazine:"A component of rocket fuel, This last equation is of particular interest because of the amount of heat it produces. The heat is so great that it usually leads to an explosion."

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