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NEVER Stay at the Motel in Canby!!!!

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        Coming back from Montana,it was getting late,& we were looking for

a place to stay around Portland,& all we had was my Wife's phone to find


        We ended up staying in Canby,at the only motel in town,I believe.It

was around 1:30 in the morning,& the place looked like a dump then.In

the morning,it was even worse - the kind of place that you kept your shoes

on in.And they had the nerve to charge us $70 for it.


                                                - Doug

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Should have kept going to Woodburn. lol


Thanks for the tip though! I won't be staying there.

wood burn has great mexican food...great dragstrip and accomadations that cater to rich wanna be drag racers..... i been to woodburn so many times i now piss green hot sauce

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I stayed in Ritzville once. There was a mushroom growing down out of the ceiling tile in the corner above the broken tv. True story.

um riztville has no motels .......and ned and breakfast has a totally different meaning east of the mountians

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This was kind of down town and about 21 years ago. The bathroom had real marble tiles and the place had been mice a long time ago. All or most of the stores were boarded up or abandoned. In the AM we packed up and left... didn't see a human until out on the highway. It was creepy.


Did I eat the mushroom???/ I'll ask Alice.

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