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Manuals... I just got a motherload of Datsun books....


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On 11/11/2012 at 10:56 PM, Dguy210 said:



I still need to figure out what exactly I've got here before I sell anything, there are something like a 100 or so books. I think I only saw one 1969 510 service bulletin, everything else 510 is a different year I believe.


I'm leaning towards scanning in the rare or interesting stuff. I know some of the manuals already are out there as pdfs though, so I don't want to duplicate the effort.


On 11/12/2012 at 9:43 PM, Dguy210 said:

Scanning stuff now, and uploading to google drive.


Transmission Manual- edit-had a page in the wrong spot- Thanks Mike



Currently scanning vol 118 Oct 1969 510 1970 introduction Service Bulletin

In progress JPG, I will replace this with a PDF when I finish. Finished




Here is the approximate cue, skinnier ones go first:



On 11/13/2012 at 4:11 PM, Dguy210 said:


Tedious is the word, also to not destroy the books I preview, crop, and then scan one side then repeat preview and crop and scan the other side upside down and flip the image later. The scanner will only do 600dpi and the grayscale contrast sucks (freeby all-in-one canon piece of crap). The scanner sits right next to my chair, so I've been throwing it on to scan while on the web, letting it scan and then go through and do the opposite page when it finishes.


The sick thing is I'm actually looking forward to scanning more when I get home...fricking datsunitis :fu:


My estimate is .5 years or so at a book or two a night to do the whole box non-destructively :rofl:


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10 hours ago, Stoney Reaves said:

Hey man u really should share with everyone if not for everyone do it for the Datsuns



You have seen the massive number of links with scanned content all throughout this thread, right?



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10 hours ago, datzenmike said:





2012... mein Gott! Been 5 years already‽ 


It has also been 3 different houses since then too. I've actually scanned many of the unique books already as a large majority are already available online.


Honestly, this has taken a pretty low priority in my life. 


Also I've seen some things I've scanned reposted and attributed to others, as well as a few other things I don't wish to discuss of a similar nature, so I'm not getting such a warm and fuzzy feeling from doing this as much any more. 


Will I be scanning some of these again? Probably, I still have all of these manuals and I've actually gotten quite a bit more but it will probably be by request or just if I feel like it. The next one in the queue would be the 1200 parts catalog (1973), if there is interest and I don't find an already existing scan.






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On 11/11/2018 at 10:29 AM, Stoney Reaves said:

Hey man u really should share with everyone if not for everyone do it for the Datsuns


Hey man u really should read through the entire thread and make notes of all the links to manuals he has scanned and shared with everyone!!! 

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scan everything it the right thing to do everyone deserves access to this knowledge . its so difficult to find the proper information for these vehicles espesaly for young people like me that either don't know anyone with the knowledge or just didn't grow up in the time to understand it all, because when I look at some of the things on my truck it just look foreign.

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On 11/11/2018 at 9:29 AM, Stoney Reaves said:

Hey man u really should share with everyone if not for everyone do it for the Datsuns


well i guess i will be the asshole here 

have you searched at all all of the info Dguy has contributed here   MY GUESS IS NO 

or your second post would have been hey do you have any books on the car i own 

Dguy has spent hours scanning books and logging them into ratsun so we all can share them together 


so the asshole in me says please be respectful in how you demand knowledge be shared 

especially when many many books and bulletins have already been scanned 


JUST MY 2 CENTS with a ratsun salute and a smile ??

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1 hour ago, Angeldust720 said:

Scan it and keep it in a small library for when you need it haha


great find tho ?


Not sure what you are referring to exactly here. 


But as a general notice if you are looking for a digital copy of something specific service manual wise and you don't see it in the thread, let me know.


There is a decent chance I know where a digital copy may exist.

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2 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Very nice. 

What's up next. 


Images are already taken, I just need to crop, edit and compile. Should be later this week. Links posted.


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Links here.


I merged the condenser instructions in with the other instruction files to make it easier.








Edit: sorry for the laziness, don't currently have scanner setup so it has been phone pics cropped and combined to PDF so quality has taken a minor hit. 


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More books I picked up today, mostly service manuals 80s-90s some tech notes and a few 90s mechanics trade magazines. I haven't gone through it much yet just looked quickly. Both containers are full.

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Lots of stuff I'm still sorting. Lots of the career technician flyers and mostly service bulletins.

Only full service manuals so far have been for B210s of all things couple other duplicates of some emissions manuals I've already posted. Several Nissan pamphlets for using ECCS testing equipment and some New Model feature sheets that look to be training for techs and salespeople. Some other mixed stuff including "update" magazines and other mechanic mags that are not that Nissan related. 







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