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  1. scan everything it the right thing to do everyone deserves access to this knowledge . its so difficult to find the proper information for these vehicles espesaly for young people like me that either don't know anyone with the knowledge or just didn't grow up in the time to understand it all, because when I look at some of the things on my truck it just look foreign.
  2. can someone thats done a 620 air bag job please help me and explain some of the modifications that need to happen I would really appreciate it
  3. what size centric hub ring do you guys rum on your wheels in having trouble finding the ring size to run my spacers and new wheel set up
  4. yeah im trying toget more negative camber not positive but thank you I appreciate it and ill try my best to get it right!
  5. along with almost every other older mazda, Nissan,ford,ect
  6. damn thank you tho this helps what do you recommend for more camber on the 76 lowered with stock suspension? if I need a new suspension set up what would you recommend
  7. im trying to find a way to get more camber so I wanna switch out for adjustable control arms but all I can find are adjustable control arms for a Datsun 510, will they fit on my 76' 620 pickup?
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