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  1. If i take it to a car electrician in my town, do you think he can do it? Also my truck has lots of fuses from other trucks so i think i have a fuse for power windows, also for a clock but the fusebox cover says clock in white, i doubt it has one since i think its base trim idk tho, thoughts?
  2. Ayy thanks i just looked today and theres a plastic peice covering the hole for the wiring to the doors, Will try to find doors in junkyard tomorow
  3. So if i get the wiring harness for the doors and the doors themselves, will they fit on the truck or are the power doors designed specifically for the ST?
  4. So im thinking of putting st doors on my delux becuase the vinyl is starting to dryrot and im wondering if anyone has thought of doing that or is it just me Also wanting to wire the power windows if possible, tips?
  5. Nissan pretty much failed in the 2000’s the nissan cube gives me shivers sometimes,
  6. Scan it and keep it in a small library for when you need it haha great find tho ?
  7. Have you tried putting 300zx seats in? I heard their really comfortable in the truck and their like 200 bucks at the junkyard. Im saving for some manual seats because also heard electric seats have clearance issues for underseat computer, can anyone send me pictures of that kind of swap? Thanks
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