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  1. Dang! Nice fab work, you need a lot of skill in order to weld a frame and keep it together.
  2. Depends if you have a newer model Nissan, its most likely single din but if the head units too long you might have to have it stick out if you don’t wanna cut.
  3. Hi! Yesterday I went to the junkyard and got the B pillar king cab plastic covers for my 720, of course I ripped them off becuase I only need the king cab emblem but got them anyways, ($3.00) so maybe today i might install them and I need instructions on how to take the OG ones off and install them back on, I also got a new steering wheel column off the junkyard 720 and I also need help on installing that one too becuase mine is scratched a lot. ($6.00) oh and i got a new glove box too since mine is flimsy but the new one has the dumb fake wood on it and I’m thinking about taking that off too but is there like the base model plastic under there or just holes? (Pulled off a 1983-ish Nissan 720 King Cab ST 2WD)
  4. Wait what about a 240sx engine has anyone tried that yet also?
  5. Yeah your missing another metal piece that overlaps that piece, you need it becuase if you press on it it’s pressure sensitive or something like that and it activates the horn
  6. Just testing waters but Im thinking about doing an engine swap in my 720 and thinking about putting in a Nissan laurel NEO6 engine in there, is there any problems that associate or has anyone even thought about that? Again just testing waters becuase my Z24s losing steam 🙂 https://www.ebay.com/p/Nissan-Skyline-Laurel-DOHC-Neo-Inline-6-CYL-Engine-JDM-RB20DE-W/11005671000?iid=282664430665&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=282664430665&targetid=539000670647&device=m&adtype=pla&googleloc=9029977&poi=&campaignid=1497793375&adgroupid=60383707560&rlsatarget=pla-539000670647&abcId=1139456&merchantid=115327199&gclid=CjwKCAjwx_boBRA9EiwA4kIELqK_mz42iNTdA6svmXcjCu--JOw1qcCK83MDcA8xae_yz1xXEWvl0BoCFUAQAvD_BwE&thm=10
  7. Angeldust720


    Actually, my Nissan 720 came with the seats on the wrong sides, (driver on passenger passenger on driver) and it actually fits, I didn’t even notice it until recently becuase the person before me put new carpeting in the truck, the only problem so that the levers go down all the way until it’s pressing against the tranny tunnel and it’s kinda hard to find a grip, other than that I’ve thought about putting 180SX type X seats in there, they might fit? Idk. 😕
  8. If i take it to a car electrician in my town, do you think he can do it? Also my truck has lots of fuses from other trucks so i think i have a fuse for power windows, also for a clock but the fusebox cover says clock in white, i doubt it has one since i think its base trim idk tho, thoughts?
  9. Ayy thanks i just looked today and theres a plastic peice covering the hole for the wiring to the doors, Will try to find doors in junkyard tomorow
  10. So if i get the wiring harness for the doors and the doors themselves, will they fit on the truck or are the power doors designed specifically for the ST?
  11. So im thinking of putting st doors on my delux becuase the vinyl is starting to dryrot and im wondering if anyone has thought of doing that or is it just me Also wanting to wire the power windows if possible, tips?
  12. Nissan pretty much failed in the 2000’s the nissan cube gives me shivers sometimes,
  13. Scan it and keep it in a small library for when you need it haha great find tho ?
  14. Have you tried putting 300zx seats in? I heard their really comfortable in the truck and their like 200 bucks at the junkyard. Im saving for some manual seats because also heard electric seats have clearance issues for underseat computer, can anyone send me pictures of that kind of swap? Thanks
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