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Manuals... I just got a motherload of Datsun books....


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I'll give it a shot and Ask:

Do you have the 1986 Nissan Truck Z24i Electro Injection Engine Service Repair Manual Supplement, with a picture of the 1985 720 on the front?

I was bidding for one on Ebay and some ********* sniper-bid beat me by 50 cents.  The next guy that has one for sale is asking $159 for his used one. ( Holy high prices, Batman !! )


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7 hours ago, datzenmike said:

That's the mid year end of the 720 and covers the April '85 and on electro injection only, correct? I have that in PDF somewhere. I have the 1986 mid year D21 Hardbody FSM.

I think so.

The truck on the cover looks correct ( for what I am looking for )


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On 12/29/2020 at 3:42 PM, BlackCat13 said:

I think so.

The truck on the cover looks correct ( for what I am looking for )



44 minutes ago, 720_Jeff said:

I have a PDF of that supplement manual.  It's about 450MB, so can't really email it.  Anyone have a file repository?


Here is a rar of the PDF for the 1986 Nissan Factory Service Manual (51mb)/





I do not appear to have the supplemental manual. If you have gmail account you can dump it into drive and share a link. I can likely reduce the size.

Other file repositories that are free to use: 



Sorry just saw this.


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12 hours ago, oculussaw said:

Holy mother F... That's a shit load of books. I spy a '70 510 service bulletin manual.. 😎 me likey. If you ever sell it, hit this guy up.

Those pics are extremely out of date. I have quite a lot more than that now.... and almost no free time to scan things much anymore. 

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First, this is amazing. Thank you!  Ignorant questions to follow. I looked through a bunch of pages of this thread, but still want to know:


Is there one spot where we can see the entire list of available files, or is it only through clicking on links in the posts here?


Thanks to Photobucket, I (we?) can't see the images, so it's hard to tell what manual the links sends us to. Is there a work-around for that?


The first few pages had all broken links for me (Google 404). And a request for each file had to be submitted. Is that right?


Is there someplace we can donate to the cause to help ease the pain of all that scanning? Are there some trusted folks who can help out?


Thanks again! I hope that nothing I asked seems at all critical.

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