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New to Ratsun, not to Datsun!

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Hi guys!


Wanted to drop in and join the community, and introduce myself and my "herd" of Dattos...


I'm the proud new owner of a beautiful 64 NL320, and have read Mike's resto-rod thread from front to back at least 3 times. So without further ado, here's some pics of "Peanut": My NL320 Datsun Truck


I'm also in the midst of restoring a '72 S30, a trio of SPL311's, and an SRL311.


Just completed work on a pretty radical '93 S13 convertible, with a 400-hp KA24DE-T (the way Nissan should have built them) that's probably the nicest in the world... Project 240sx COnvertible - Part 1 of 10


Daily driver (and HPDE track slut) is a modded '03 G35C 6MT, and the support vehicle / parts hauler is a stockish '00 Frontier Crew.


Looking forward to getting to know you guys, and learning more about my truck and my Roadies as I tinker away at them...


Also, if anyone knows a cure for this dreaded habit of hauling home underappreciated Datto "mutts", I'd be interested in hearing it!


Cheers, and thanks for a great resource!

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I think I've seen this truck a couple times on the internet. I think it may have been owned by a girl who was an artist in San Francisco (two owners ago). I called on her ad but it had already sold!


This is such a beautiful truck and I am really psyched for you and even more psyched that you joined Ratsun where we can appreciate it along with you!



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That's a really sweet NL Greg!! Sounds like you've read my thread more than I have! :) Welcome aboard!


It's a late '63 by the grill. The hubcaps are 521's. I'd drive without a radio before I cut the dash for a new one! Love the white walls and the eyebrows!!! :)


I dare you to drive it from Pheonix to Canby!! :)

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Welcome to ratsun. that 240SX is badass. I've seen you runnin down I-15 in corona. I was the dumb ass in a white chevy truck givin you a big thumbs up.:D

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Thanks guys!!! :o


Fisch, I bought it from a lady in the Sacramento area, it didn't meet reserve on ebay, but then I accidentally ran across it on Craigslist and made her an offer - i just HAD to have it! At some point I'd like to see how you'd render it on paper!


]2eDeYe - Here's a few pics of the G:










Mike, I was hoping it was a '63... I think it was sold in '64, so I lose a year thanks to Datsun's weird system. Interestingly, it wasn't registered for nearly a decade, which I've heard is common with a lot of these (used on private estates as gardening trucks).


Are the hubcaps incorrect for it? I'd like to find some proper ones if so... what are the differences? Prior owner installed a modern radio, which is getting unceremoniously yanked in order to replace with OEM (fortunately, it doesn't appear they did any cutting, but I could be wrong).


Plans are to "freshen it up" mechanically, but no restoration. I may touch up the paint, replace some weatherstrip, and make somepanel adjustments, but for now I just really enjoy driving it!


Tell me more about Canby and what goes on there!


datrod, I was out in Corona last year for the Stillen event, I think that's where you might have seen me... That's a brutal drive in that car though, so I may drive the G this year.


Thanks again guys for all the support. If anyone needs anything for a newer Nissan (FSM, tech help, etc), I gotcha covered.




Couple of my other projects you guys might enjoy:


http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM - More FSM's than you can shake a stick at.


http://www.nissancommercials.com - Over 800 Nissan / Datsun commercials, all in one place, for your viewing pleasure. :)


http://www.conceptnissan.com - A 60-year history of Nissan's design studios - Nearly every Nissan concept car ever worked on!

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Hey Rusty!


I don't think it was me you had the discussion with, but now you've piqued my interest - We may need to chat!


Email? greg@nicoclub.com if you have time....


Plans: Getting her mechanically reliable, maybe a little touch-up here and there, new bushings / rubber / weatherstrip, and just keep driving it!

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