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anyone have pics of any properly done rat roadsters?


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awesome bro! mellow.gif

just keep getting the same half done projects or nicely done restorations

I'm lookin for the original paint, not taken care of, rusted fenders and hood, steel wheeled ratsuns like the rest of this site but a roadster...

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good to know! im going for a daily rat rod till i can afford the proper resto. So stay tuned as I'm sure with my ideas some flaming will be ensuedcool.gif and it should be entertaining if anything.


How bout you just post some pics for now, and we'll go from there.

First rule of Ratsun...Oic's or ban.

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Just say "no" to fake rat. Yes, there are a lot of Roadsters that need restoration, so you can buy one of those and fix the mechanical and structural bits, leaving the exterior parts of body ratty. Get another driver on the road!


There's a small but steady stream of roadsters on eBay in various stages of ferrous cancer and price. Pick one up, Jasco the paint off, and allow to overwinter uncovered~ accelerating Mother Nature's petina by decades....


But IMO doin that to a roadster's just wrong.... m2c~



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241591_10150327224012519_832917518_9988175_2861345_o.jpg ill get more pics soon but there is some in my post right below this one...lol but yea i agree fake ratting it bugs me. like ggzilla said, I will be ignoring the body work that needs to be done until it because a serious safety issue while attending to the mechanical and structural tid bits..


seriously though....nobody has "oics" or links to ratted roadsters?

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What are you talking about, Rook?


WTF is an oic?


:lol: Noobs can lurk and read sometimes...sometimes :mellow:


I'd love to see a well worn roadster.. they usually get taken apart and fixed up or just taken apart. :(

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There are a few around. I've seen pictures of one that was in a fire that the owner just rewired and drove it as-is. Though in general roadster owners try to put them back to pretty. My car by some roadster owners would have been considered parts cars and would have been cut up.





Mine is currently flat black and awaiting a title before it can be unleashed on the roads. Basicly you can call my project "a don't on how to restore any car." Fair warning though about letting a roadster rust. Might look cool but the body is so thin is doesn't take much for it to get out of hand quickly, I should know I just welded floorpans and rust holes up in mine.

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nice!... yea the one i picked up already had a hole on the passenger side below the door and I put a hole in the floor board since I got it...im going to go through it and patch it all in the up coming weeks though...since summers here i may leave the patches bare too lol

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In general, roadster owners don't rat their rides. If they do, they don't take pics of 'em. The exception are the ads selling "running when parked" cars.


One exception is (was?) a '66 roadster in the Sacramento area. Thing was rusted and primed multiple colors...on purpose. As he stated:


mine is ugly as sin, rusty with three colors-none of good paint, rust and some more rust...But, I drive it every day its not raining


He had a SR20DET, and loved to blow the doors of unsuspecting ricers, etc. I'll have to dig to find pics/video.


If you do go ratty, don't expect a warm reception from most. That said, mine is a mess; rust, bondo, and moss. I ain't gonna worry about pretty until after it's a reliable driver.

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