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  1. i have a dealer installed ac with my b210, it looks nothing like anything that would be associated with a b310
  2. i see an intake manifold, a window, and a dog.
  3. it must be nice to be able to take care of things while still at work, its always amazed me how much stuff you guys can get accomplished. meanwhile im setting time aside on my days off, and its so damn hot outside all i want to do is go swimming.
  4. ive read that if it falls through the hole in my floor it ceases to exist on the physical plane. i believe that i am leaving myself clues that will one day make sense after my inevitable trip in to a black hole
  5. im running the same solenoid, ive got the black wire attached to the core support. works great
  6. hey, i grinded down my intake to match the oval ports on my h72. is that frowned upon?
  7. im interested, shoot me a pm of what you have. ill send you a picture of the snowflakes tomorrow
  8. Thats hilarious, I've had them chilling in a shed for 2 years just assuming that they were 14s. In that case what are my stock options?
  9. there is an '81 s110 at the lkq in south austin. its got an h165 with disc brakes
  10. i need some help with tires. ive got a b210 4 door, with stock front struts and ive got a set of snowflakes that i want to use. my question is, is what size will work for me with the least amount of rubbing. ive heard that 185/55r14s will work on a stock set up. ive got plans for 280zx struts and lower rearend but until than, i need new tires to pass inspection and i dont want to spend money on new 13s that i probably wont use more than a year.
  11. oh wow, i never saw the original cl ad, i just took a couple of pictures that were posted on another site. its sad to see all of the work that went in to building it, only to have that outcome.
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