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  1. albyneau

    Back from the dead~

    Me, not the datsun. What is a late 70's truck 5 speed going for nowadays? I have a remanufactured unit I won't be using... Feedback please~!
  2. albyneau

    521 Drivetrain & Suspension

    Can't go out and grope around right now (sprained ankle), but if you can tell me where numbers are specifically located at I'll get them for you.... As for the atmosphere while we no longer occupy the number two spot (under Antarctica) I'm pretty sure we're still in the top ten... Auto conversion by original owner~ goin to a 5 speed/720 transfer case/Samurai axles~
  3. 1972 complete front suspension, 3 spd auto trans, rear axle. Take all or part~ NO offers refused!!! Buyer pays shipping on smaller parts~ trans & axle must be picked up in zip 95457
  4. Reckon by the posts I'm third in line for the hood~ LMK if/when my number comes up....
  5. albyneau

    On the lookout again for a 510 or celica

    1985 GTS~ 4 wheel discs, 5 spd conversion (was 4spd auto), 3.90 gears, F&R oversize sway bars, new strg rack, leather interior, sunroof, power everything.... PM for more details if interested~ Scott
  6. Up for grabs is a full set of aluminum 15x6 rims with near-new (<5,000 mi's) 215/75-15 Yokohama Avid-s touring tires I got from Tire Rack. Over $600 invested~ asking 350 obo... COMPLETE front suspension/steering from my 521~ from the steering wheel down to the hub flanges, and back to the torsion bars, adjusters, and crossmember. Past owner repl'd brakes/seals/wheel cl's~ all in all fair to middlin condition except for right kingpin's a bit sloppy. Brand new extra long wheel studs just installed for aftermarket wheels. Keeping the swaybar until I'm certain it won't fit new front axle~ $200 obo... Auto trans removed from same, works fine~ $50 Located 2 hrs NW of Sacramento~ Delivery possibly negotiable...
  7. albyneau

    Once again, L16 race engine

    Cam specs? Compression ratio? Overbore size? Mileage? Specs? Pics?
  8. albyneau

    1972 Datsun 521 pickup

    Just drag the whole thing home~ and I'll come get the cab outta your way... :thumbup:
  9. albyneau

    New (to me) '72 521!

    Congrats on the truck, and the pics~ now for the backstory... like how mucha you pay?
  10. albyneau


    And of course they don't say the same thing about *US*~! :rofl: Love always seems to boil down to a perks/peives ratio.... Wassup w/the dead pic links? Been lurking for a goon~ and like yours! Any other trades you might consider? Peace~ Scott
  11. albyneau

    DON'T PASS THIS UP ! ! ! !

    Ooops~ dude missed "erasing" a boob in the last pic... :w00t:
  12. You know it just amazes me the sheer number of 521's showing up here for $3k+ with no pics; and some really sweet rides in the $2k +/- neighborhood with enuff pics to satisfy a Playboy centerfold photographer. Newbies, get a clue~ there's no decendants here of PT Barnum. Blind dates not welcome... (and you can quote me on that) So for the benefit of all I offer up the newest acronym~ BDNW. Peace~ Scott

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