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  1. Sweet...still got the links? It's had an interesting past that I'm still learning about. I wan't an original dash or I may end up redoing this one and staining it to a black wood. I'll add that to the list to check when I get back to it. Thanks!!!
  2. ^+1 SO dope man! never liked 130s till I saw yours.
  3. YO! Thought I posted up one of these a while a go but I think it was just on 311s. No mods yet, still the way I got it from the PO. I'm just trying to get the thing running right again. I'm hunting some demons and am looking for some help. The PO was trying to run it without any oil in the domes of the carbs so first thing I did was rebuilt the carbs and oiled them up, changed the fuel filter and did an oil change. The motor ran great for a bit and then started to shit on me. When it reached temp it would crap out and sound like its on 3 cylinders. I'd let it cool down and it w
  4. Sweet!!! no shame in temp rotas! its beginning to remind me of Awesome! keep in mind the tire sidewall also messes with clearance
  5. Nice start!!! not a fan of the neo chronos but have seen them look sweet with the right rim. What wheels are you going to run?
  6. lulz I never said I'd use em The top is staying off so theres no need!
  7. yea 67 plus are the doors from what Ive searched too.. How do you guys feel about just one on the drivers side?
  8. let me know how it goes, I decided on diving into my garage a couple more times before I get help but, Dandos was one of my choices as well.
  9. Awesome! looks good. Jealous of the wheels !!
  10. its not a bondo mobile but it sure is a rusty ol gal. Not planning on painting anytime soon so just having fun with it.
  11. yup!! thats it...k ill check that as well before I take her in.
  12. Not ATM I moved away from my datto a couple months ago and it's killing me. I am going back to her this weekend though and will snap some. I have some old ones on my build thread on here but I bet its buried now. Hows ur turbo U20 running? The problem I'm having with mine is that it seems to shut down a cylinder and runs like crap till it dies once it gets warm but everything seems to be in working order. You ever run into something like that?
  13. Thanks guys, ill check Mike out. Any one have experience with Dando's Automotive? word is that he is a general classic car mechanic but personally owns datsuns. That is the only other shop I have been recommended.
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