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new datsun


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well guys i got another 521! after a year of looking for another one i found a good one :) traded my honda and 500 bux for it, only paid 500 for the honda. so about 1000. drove it 100 mies home, flawlessly. l20b, 4 speed. factory bluesh green color. not factory paint, someone got the same coor as factory and rolled it on. with a 2 tone back. looks ok from 20 feet. everything works :) even the little uncracked dome light and the odometer. nothing on this car is worn out, even the wing window rubbers are perfct! 96,000 origional miles on this baby :) here are the pics the guy sent me. i seen this truck last year on my way to go trade radio redline. it was sitting an an impliment dealer out back, no one to be found so i couldne get any info on it then






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well i guys i got the intake and exhaust manifolds off one of my spare l16's on the l20 in the truck now. runs way smoother :) not just have to get an exhaust on it, been running off manifold for a few days now. been putting 15 hour days in at the fireworks stand. we had this little guy loaded down with boxes of fireworks moving shit from the trailer to the building. i know there were about 30 -35 boxes in the truck at a time, all damn near 60 -70 lbs, suprised i didnt snap a leaf or blow a tire

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before anything


after drop






theres a guy i work with moving the truck, not me








any one like the orange snap on tool cart i bought? the guys in the shop i work at say its too damn bright and my impacts too loud. i got an ir 2135timax... anyone else tried this impact? if not you should its fast, light and so much power :) and it sounds good to boot

still have to do a few touches to the interior

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