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This is gonna be a long journey.


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Hi, My name is Maureen. This is my first 510 and me and my bf 1st project car together he got this for me as a valentines day present. It runs well and has a clean frame. Has some body damage, has a rebuilt L18 engine and somewhat complete interior. And like any other 40year old datsun has rust issues in the floor panels, quater panels and around rear window.










Oh yea i forgot to mention this is a mexico built Datsun




It isnt the best looking 510 but for $800 it wasnt a bad deal.

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The grill looks like a '71 but the radio antenna looks earlier..


Not quite what my grill looks like, or maybe it does the black is deceiving, nor my antenna, I have a 71 wagon though if that makes any difference.


Why would it have a straight axle?

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Looks like an L to me. Maybe L14????





Not sure about the straight axle but its actually a L18.......... i think


The tag over on the front of the driver's strut tower just above the coil will have the motor size that was installed at the factory. After so many years it could have been swapped so look just below the head on the top edge of the block directly behind the dip stick handle. The motor size is stamped there.





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Guest DatsuNoob

I wish I could get away with getting my G/F something like that for Valentine's day.. <_<


I got off easy! I dont have to do :poop: for mine on valentine's :lol: she gave me a pass since she doesnt really care about it. Not a bad deal on the 510 either, but it looks like you have your work cut out for you :D You'll be in another $800 in parts before you know it, I know I was anyway :lol: welcome to Ratsun!

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Your Welcome Babe....... Im the BF lol. and im not to sure about the axles but ill take pics tonight but the engine is indeed an L18. It was swapped out about 3 years ago. The guy sold it to me so cheap cause he thought reg was going to be through the roof, he alomost hung himself when i told him it was only $109. lol. thanks everyonde for the feedback and we will be taking it the Datsun Swapmeet this upcoming weekend.

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