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  1. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    I need a Datsun again... I miss them.
  2. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    So i was late to work a couple days ago and saw a buddy taking pictures. I stopped and this is what happened.. Gonna try and upload the rest later this week Before the new wheels... After... Sportmaxx 002s 16x8 Zero offset In this picture in the kid with the phone out. My buddy Jeremy is in a tree. And last but not least my good friend Asian John
  3. SoCaLKiDz

    1972 Orange 510 2dr......

    Beautiful.. Trades?
  4. SoCaLKiDz

    WTS: 1971 Datsun 510 2 Door

    Hey man im in tucson and i always see your ad on craigslist. Trade for a 91 BMW E30?
  5. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    Im most likely keeping it. I love the way i drives and handles... I just cant seem to get over the fact that its too luxury... I need a Datsun. A ratty one at that
  6. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    Its also for sale :) Not sure on the price but its for sale
  7. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    Well its for sale or trade for a 510 or a Z
  8. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    Yeah its nice but its not a Datsun. I really want to get ride of it for a 510. Maybe even a 240 or 280z. I hate this thing...
  9. SoCaLKiDz

    Well here it is

    So here is my Daily... I need a new shift tower center bearing and flex disk and it willl drive.. Starts and runs fine... Not tooo bad but its not a DATSUN
  10. SoCaLKiDz

    datsun trucks and powerful engines

    Dude arizona lets you drive quads and sand rails on the road. So Everything is legal as long as they pass emissions
  11. SoCaLKiDz

    Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!

    Where did you get your mirrors...
  12. SoCaLKiDz


    Well if i get in on this does this make me an accomplices to his suicide? Not trying to be an ass or thread killer but if you will call it "bullying" isnt takin lightly here... However if you just give me the go ahead im all for it
  13. SoCaLKiDz

    How do I go a little lower?

    YUMMMMM JDM front end..... However i was told the same and there is a set out in my junk yard.. I can swing by and see how much they are.
  14. SoCaLKiDz

    Mountain run today..

    I have a lot more pictures that i need to post up lol. oh and Thanks for the compliments
  15. SoCaLKiDz

    Mountain run today..

    MT lemon. Its great now. Had to drop the trans and get a new clutch. How is yours Havent heard from you in a while

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