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Fuck Lithia Nissan


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So normally i dont trust other ppl working on my cars. But this given time i wanted to get the oil changed and just a once over on my truck to make sure everything looked good since i couldnt put it in the air myself and look right now. So i figured i would be safer going to a dealer over going to oil can or some other lube shop.


So i go into lithia and make a appointment for the following day and ask what it costs to do a oil change and a full inspection. I then request they do a alignment check for me cause i feel like it may be tracking a little off. he says

"yeah we can get that done with a printout to see if your inspec"

I gratefully say thank you and leave.


I show up the next day at my appointment time and he sends some kid to go pull my vin. kid comes back looking confused and said the vin was only 6 numbers. so I am then asked by the service writer to go out and show him how to read a damn vin number. so i say ok and go show him. i get back and the service writer verifies the work we are doing. a oil change, inspection, and a alignment check.


So i leave my keys and walk around the lot. I then head back to the area where they were gonna pull my car in. they damn near rip off my exhaust on the lift while he pulls it on. io say w/e the truck is lowered so it happens. they then start my "inspection" which apparently consists of checking off every on the sheet and not looking at my truck at all. he did note a oil leak out of my valve cover so that was cool. I never saw the truck go to the alignment rack.


I get called back into the service dept and the service writer says that my truck is done. Knowing that my job was half asked i ask a few questions. I ask what the specs were on my vehicles alignment. he says they were within spec. i ask for the print out i was told i would recieve. he says they "forgot" to print it. i say that the vehicle never went to the rack, i watched. he responds "well the tires are not wearing abnormally". I said thats fine but it tracks off and thats why i asked for a aligment check. he then tries to bull shit me saying that if the tires are not wearing uneven then that wouldnt happen. I inform him that i am a certified tech and kno that is not tru. I say whatever and continue on my rant.


The inspection check list i recieved said my exterior lighting and wipers were in great shape. i ask how that is considering my wiper blade is tearing off and i have a brake light and a blinker out. I just purchased the truck so i hadent gotten to fixing it my self yet. I was planning on buying the bulbs and wipers from the dealer when i got there. he had no respnse to this statement.


As im going off the service manager walks in and asks if i have a issue. start to explain to him my problems and how im very unhappy with my service here and how i dont appreciate being lied to. in the middle of my explaining he interupts me and says he will explain that his techs need to be more in depth with there inspection. he doenst let me finish. and continues to interupt when i try and speak. I state this is the worst service i have ever had and take my leave.


sorry so long just wanted to rant a little

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Im not sure why my thread would get locked. if i have done something against the rules i appologize. I didnt think it was wrong to post a negative feedback thread on a vender i used. If someone could explain why it would be locked i would like to know.

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kids today wouldn't be able to pick their ass if the instructions weren't on the internet...lmao....... the local nissan here in fairbanks ain't a lithia thank god but have had troubles as far as parts dept....lol call up or walk in with the vin. i have the same prob. their completely baffeled not enuf numbers and she calls in w/the vin and still their stumped WTF..so i just stop by w/the 521 dinosaur it's a complete mind fuck for these kids that say their ase certified lmao

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I wasnt even mad about the tech persay. It was the shitty attitude and the lies the service writr tried to feed me. then to make things worse the service manager wouldnt even hear me out. just tried to shut me up to get me out of there. the

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kids today wouldn't be able to pick their ass if the instructions weren't on the internet.....so i just stop by w/the 521 dinosaur it's a complete mind fuck for these kids that say their ase certified lmao




First let me say I don't work at Lithia Nissan.


Sorry but this rubbed me the wrong way. I happen to be one of thoe "kids that pick my own ass without the internet" and yeah, I totally understand where Siqx is coming from. Yeah, there are some of those kids out there who don't give a flying fuck about inspections or making sure the job gets done. Yeah, there are the prick service writers who try and sell you every damn flush and service whoare just looking for a quick buck (watched one I work with total out a car based on value). Sure, there are the service managers who are on a constant power trip. I've worked with all of them. They are the one's who give us decent kids who actually do the shit right the damn bad name. I also happen to be one of those ASE certified kids. They don't teach you about carbs and shit like that, that comes from experience. Being ASE certified doesn't mean your trustworthy, it just means you can diagnois a axle seal leak and get paid for it. I didn't mean to go off, just rubbed me the wrong way.




Give Nissan of Portland a chance if you feel like it (not sure where Lithia is), I happen to know people who will make sure changes get made if you have a shit experience.

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All you had to say is LITHIA. Lithia=FLAT-RATE LUBE TECHS!!! I don't know what a "flat only lube tech" makes, but it can't be much. And I can only guarantee you that those lubies watching the experienced techs fly through 30K's doesn't help matters. I mean nothing bad by what I'm about to say, but unless I had oil changes for life at he dealership, no way in hell would I ever give them the chance to check my dipstick.


























Except Ed...you can check my dipstick, anytime! :P

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I agree about calling the 1 800 line. Sounds like the tech is just going through the motions and the writer and manager just don't care. When you call that line it opens up a "Customer Assistance" file. Said file gets transmitted to the Dealership, and if some one goes through the reports from Nissan that report could very well end up on the General Managers desk. That being said, I know this happens with warranty complaints but am not 100% about customer pay complaints. If you have your VIN, mileage and the repair order number when you call it may help your cause. Not just slammin Lithia here even tho I worked for them for 6 whole weeks but ANY dealer that operates that way needs to make some changes

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