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  1. Looks like I will be reviewing the wiring in my 521.....this should help some of my issues.
  2. L20b and 32/36 weber. Is a HUGE uprade over a stock l16 with a 210 head. Hell, for be it was a giant upgrade over a hack job motox l16 (POS motor due to how someone modded it, but still more power over a stock l16). All comes down to your knowledge of the motor/carb.
  3. They make super charger kits for KAE's, way more torque than an SR and an easier swap.
  4. http://www.autospeed.com/cms/article.html?&title=Using-a-Vacuum-Gauge-for-Engine-Diagnostics&A=2393 Reading.....
  5. Ive done everything already. The car runs well, a big improvement. I think the problem was I was setting the ign timing with too high of a idle rpm AND the dizzy drive was off a tooth which really just limited how much I could turn the dizzy for adjustment. All I need to do is set the carb tomorrow.
  6. ohhhhhh I will do that. Oh and thank you for all thr help, I adjusted the dizzy drive to 11:28 position dialed down the idle as best I could and set the timing to 11/12. Big improvement.
  7. There isnt enough vacuum at the carb to register on my vacuum guage at 750 rpm.
  8. I set everything but thr carb as the vacuum isnt budging my guage.
  9. I went 1 size up to see if it made any difference on how the engine ran. Wasnt based on logic really. Just knew the engine wasnt right and it seemed like a lean run issue and this engine is far from stock. But it made little to no difference.
  10. The engine RPM surges alot at idle, like its loading up. It will idle more steadily at higher RPM but very up and down if I back out the idle speed adjustment. I will put a guage on it to set the idle RPM to 800 and redo timing. DatzenMike.....I was doing it wrong!! I was turning counter clockwise. Tomorrow I will turn it clockwise to line everything up and let you know the results. Just curious 'what if' my cam gear as advanced 1 tooth? Would the affect be drastic?
  11. @Hainz I have spare carb and parts! The carb is an old holley originally a stock option on a Ford Falcon, it was what originally came on the L16 when I bought the truck. But I was literally keeping the thing together with JB weld and chewing gum.....It needs a serious overhaul and needs to be dowb jetted for the much smaller L series engine. I ended up scouring for the weber as it was the much cheaper and easier option. The weber was new in box though I have no idea what it was jetted for originally. Anyone have a good idea where to start with jet numbers?
  12. Doctor510 I will check dizzy position and set timing today....quick question, do I leave vacuum unplugged while doing so? Racerx I used the screw in type. I have messed with jetting......I believe I increased the size of the jets.
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